8th overall in EMX250 for Askew in France

Billy Askew (EMX250)

Race 1 9th

Race 2 10th

Overall 8th

Championship Standings: 13th


Jack Chambers (MX2)

Qualifying  15th

Race 1 13th

Race 2 14th

Overall 14th

Championship Standings: 15th


Bobby Bruce (MX2)

Qualifying  33rd

Race 1 17th

Race 2 34th

Overall 19th

Championship Standings: 25th

With on-and-off rain throughout the weekend, conditions required adaptability to keep the pace up. Youngster Billy Askew impressed all in his fourth EMX250 class with two strong races, finishing 9th and 10th respectively to collect 8th overall.

In the MX2 class the 579 of Bobby Bruce secured some impressive starts, rewarding the young Brit with some track time fighting in the top ten, unfortunately a fall would push his first race position back to 17th. Another good start in race two was disappointingly cut short by a small technical issue forcing him to retire. Teammate Jack Chambers once again showed good speed and fitness but was forced to battle his way through the pack in both races, from 17th to 13th in the first race and 15th to 11th in the second race, but a few small incidents would see the American finish in 14th to take 15th overall.

The team will hopefully attend the British Championship this weekend before moving on to another intensive 3-week trip covering Germany, Latvia and Italy.

Jack Chambers – MX2

“I felt solid all weekend, I just need to make the first lap progress better. Overall, apart from a small fall in the second race things went well.”

Bobby Bruce – MX2

“I pulled some good starts and was running 7th in both races, and I feel like I can be in this position going forward with a bit more race fitness. My wrist is holding up well and we made some positive progress with the suspension. A small technical issue hampered my overall points for the weekend but I feel I am starting to get back into where I need to be.”

Billy Askew – EMX250

“I was really happy to come away with 8th overall, I’m loving the experience of being abroad and feeling more and more comfortable at these races each weekend. I’m hoping to break into the top 5 soon.

Steve Dixon – Team Manager

“Third GP in a row, a new track for all three riders although a long-standing GP track. Racing went well, our youngest rider Billy got a great 8th overall with two strong consistent races. He’s finding his feet well at this high level of competition. Bobby and Jack were both consistent with their results, but their riding is better than the points show. I feel that some really solid points are just around the corner for both the riders, with the depth of riders in the MX2 class being the strongest it’s been in a good while. This week we are hoping to ride the British Championship, maybe with all three riders at Canada Heights. Then it will be a tough 3-week stint of Germany, Latvia and Italy.”