Team Munster in motion for VMXdN

The highly anticipated VMXdN Foxhill 2024 is just around the corner (it is seven weeks away, but it will be here in no time), and as we draw nearer to the event, it promises to be an exhilarating weekend of motocross racing. The event will showcase a collection of impeccably restored 21-plus-year-old two-strokes, many of which will take to the track piloted by legends past and present as the battle. It is an event that has become synonymous with adrenaline-pumping action, fierce competition, and a camaraderie that transcends generations.

Today we have news of another team ready to line up and go bar to bar in the VMXdN International team race – Team Munster Northern Ireland. The team have been a staple at VMXdN Foxhill and is spearheaded by team captain Garry Sullivan. Sullivan is a huge fan of the event and commented, “There are some great videos on YouTube, but none of them can capture the true atmosphere, sound and smell of an event like this, ya just have to go there, which is exactly what I’m planning for August 2024” and plan he did…

Not only is he taking on the role of team captain, but he is also taking the first spot on the team. Sullivan has competed at various levels since 1986 and boasts several class wins. He took 3rd overall twice in the Irish Vets class in 2018 and 2019. Sullivan will be looking forward to mounting his CR500 – ex-world champ David Thorpe Honda, which he has owned for over 20 years and will be displaying the number 36 plate.

James Sinnott also makes a welcome return in 2024, having caught Foxhill fever; after being the team mechanic in 2022, he traded spanners for boots in 2023 and is taking back to the track in 2024. Sinnott is MCUI/Irish GT and MX Champion and will be onboard a CR250 with the number 34 on the plate.

The third member of the squad is Glenn James, who is well known around the UK vets racing scene. James will be lining up on a KTM 250 with number 35 alongside his teammates and the likes of Mike Brown, Tommy Searle, Alessio Chiodi, and David Philippaerts, just to name a few of the riders on the gate for the VMXdN Foxhill international team race!

With its rich 90’s vibe and passionate fan base, VMXdN Foxhill 2024 is set to deliver an unforgettable experience for both riders and spectators alike. No doubt this event is poised to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Join us for a weekend of heart-stopping races, jaw-dropping hills, and the sheer thrill of witnessing motocross legends battle it out on the track. The VMXdN Foxhill 2024 is not just a race, but a celebration of the sport, where the past and present collide in a symphony of power and skill.

Mark your calendars, buy your tickets and prepare for an unforgettable weekend of MX racing on August bank holiday weekend (22nd_25th) –

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