Kay Karssemakers in for the Dutch Masters of Motocross in Markelo.

Tomorrow, Sunday April 21, the grand final of the Dutch Masters of Motocross will be held on the beautiful Markelo circuit. The champions will be crowned here and Timo Heuver and Gyan Doensen are currently doing very well in the 85 and 125 class. In the 500 class Jeffrey Herlings has the best chances to take the title, but in the 250 class it will be tight. Cas Valk is in the lead but has a lead of only four points over Rick Elzinga.

The 250 class will be a very interesting class to watch because in addition to the battle between Elzinga and Valk for the title, the fast Frenchman Thibault Benistant will also be riding in Markelo. Kay Karssemakers from the Fantic Factory MX2 team will also race in Markelo. Karssemakers is rebuilding after a winter full of injuries and is starting to get better again.

During the last Grand Prix in Trentino, Karssemakers finished in fifteenth place in both heats and is happy to compete with the men in the top five in Markelo.

The training sessions start at 8:30 am and the starting gate will drop down for the first time at 11:05 am.

For more information about the Dutch Masters of Motocross in Markelo, visit www.dutchmastersofmotocross.nl