RENEN Slope/Reset MX Kit review

RENEN was created in the early days of January 2021, not a long time ago in terms of a gear manufacturing company. But, with a guy like Pete Fox at the helm, it was always destined for big things.

The name RENEN originates from the German word “RENNEN” which means “race”. Pete liked the sound of that, decided to drop an “N” for aesthetics and there you have it. RENEN was born. Each piece of gear is carefully manufactured just outside Indianapolis, Indiana. This allows every piece of clothing to be overseen, right the way through the manufacturing process. Something they are very proud of.

All of their ranges are fully customisable with name and number on the back, as well as having the number on the shoulder too. The guys at RENEN were kind enough to put my name and number on the back as well as my number on the shoulders. For the custom name and numbers, it will cost you an additional $65 for all 3, but personally, I think it is worth every penny. This isn’t some shoddy shirt printing. They are sublimated into the material so there is no chance of it discolouring or it peeling off.

RENEN isn’t your typical gear company. They do not release a whole gear line every year, they do limited releases which are made to order. This allows them to release new colour ways whenever they see fit.

The first thing you notice when your gear is delivered is the presentation. It doesn’t turn up in a clear plastic bag, it arrives in a cardboard box with the RENEN logo printed on it. Inside the box, you have your invoice/receipt which again is in a custom RENEN envelope. Diving deeper into the box, the gloves come in a material bag, similar to that of a goggle bag. The jersey comes in a RENEN ziplock bag and pants wrapped in dark tissue paper with a RENEN sticker holding it together. It really is the little things that make the biggest difference. Just going that extra mile, makes receiving your gear a nice experience.

The gloves I received were the RENEN GC-2 strapless gloves, which I am a big fan of. The only downside I have found with strapless gloves is that the seam can tear around the strap band after a while, so it will be interesting to see what the durability is like on the gloves. So far though, they are incredibly comfortable. You can’t feel any of the seams and they sit tight to your palm, so no danger of them moving around whilst riding and causing blisters.

On to the pants. In terms of touch the material doesn’t feel overly spectacular. It feels durable but not necessarily high-performance. However, as soon as I started riding the jeans felt light and not restricting in the slightest. The full stretch rear panel takes up any slack around the back of the pants so that they have an even fit all around the waistband. They use a traditional zip and buckle system like most motocross pants and both seem very durable and strong.

On the inside of the pants, RENEN has its own sweat-wicking DRYCYLE lining, which helps keep the moisture down and doesn’t rub and irritate your skin whilst riding. Overall, the pants are very comfortable and have a good tapered fit down the leg. They seem durable and also wash very well. Another point to add is that you do have the option of adding a butt patch. Something that you are not going to get with most gear brands.

Again, using their DRYCYCLE fabrics, the jersey is well-ventilated and a comfortable fit. The jerseys are available in both standard fabric and ventilated mesh. Being from England I opted for the standard fabric which still offered plenty of ventilation. Fully sublimated graphics, names, and numbers really make you feel like a factory rider. It doesn’t get much tricker than a sublimated jersey.

During the off-season heading into 2024. RENEN signed the Triumph America team, with Jalek Swoll, Evan Ferry, and Joey Savatgy. But possibly their biggest rider to date, they signed MXGP podium regular Jeremy Seewer. With all eyes on the new manufacturer in AMA Supercross, and Seewer at the front of MXGP, I fully expect to see RENEN a lot more throughout the paddock at more local and amateur races.

Another thing worth noting is that RENEN offers odd sizes in their gear. So if you’re floating between a 32” and 34”, no need for a diet you can order your jeans in a 33” waist. They are the only gear manufacturer that offers this and is a unique selling point for the brand.

Overall, the gear ticks all the boxes that you would expect. As well as ticking a few extras such as nice packaging, sublimation, and odd sizes. RENEN is certainly raising the bar for all other gear companies to follow.

Tested and written by Brad Wheeler