Jeremy Martin out for the remainder of supercross

Jeremy Martin and the team have mutually decided it would be best to sit out the remainder of the 2024 Supercross season for complications from his crash earlier this season. It’s not a particularly difficult decision because the health of the rider always takes precedence over anything else. With a turbulent start to the season, Martin has not met his personal expectations to this point and is well aware of the risks if he tried to continue at less than one hundred percent.

Jeremy Martin: “I am incredibly disappointed to have to make this decision but when it comes to my health and my future, it is the right move. I struggled having to tell the team, but they were completely supportive knowing everything that I have gone through.”

Brandon Haas (Team Owner): “These situations are never easy for the rider or the team because you are not sure if you are getting the entire story on the health side of things. The racer always wants to compete, and Jeremy is one of the toughest competitors the sport has ever seen. When it comes right down to it, he has helped our program grow in so many ways, it only makes sense to support him in any decision he makes.”