Jett Lawrence out for the remainder of AMA Pro Motocross

Having injured his thumb in a small practice crash Tuesday, Jett Lawrence will undergo a procedure this week, which will unfortunately result in him sitting out the remainder of the Promotocross series.

On Thursday, Jett is scheduled to undergo a procedure to repair a torn UCL at the Steadman Clinic in Colorado, after which he will focus on making a return in time for the SuperMotocross opener on September 7 in Concord, North Carolina.

“We’re fully behind Jett and will support him through his recovery,” said Lars Lindstrom, Manager for Team Honda HRC. “It’s pretty crazy that three of the championship’s top riders have now been sidelined with the same injury, especially one that’s typically pretty rare. Of course it’s disappointing, but even though Jett has won the last seven championships he’s competed in, he’s still so young and has a lot of success ahead of him. Physically he’s a freak of nature and a specimen, so to keep it that way, allowing him to heal to 100 percent is the goal. With Hunter currently leading the points chase, I like our chances of keeping the AMA Pro Motocross 450 Championship with Honda, and we look forward to working on that this weekend at RedBud. In the meantime, everyone on the team and at Honda sends their love Jett’s way; we’ll miss having him on the line!”