AIROH ACE 2 helmet review

Airoh has been a leading manufacturer of off-road helmets since 1997 when AntonioLocatelli founde d the brand. AIROH actually stands for ( Antonio’s Innovative Range Of Helmets). Something I didn’t know until testing the helmet. In 2005 they won their first world title and haven’t looked back since. Hosting an impressive roster of riders over the years consisting of Antonio Cairolli, Jorge Prado, Jeffrey Herlings, Jason Anderson, Liam Everts, Andrea Adamo, and Tom Vialle to name a few. All winning titles in an Airoh helmet.

Airoh is a strong believer in the intercom system in helmets. The Airoh ACE 2 helmet is fully equipped to house any intercom system on the market. With the areas for earpieces and specific roots for wiring, they have thought of it all. I wasn’t lucky enough to try the helmet with an intercom system fitted, however, the impression I got from the helmet is that it would pair very well with it.

The helmet is very quiet, something that is key to a successful intercom system. Of course, helmet radios are not allowed during competition at the present time. However, it is great for coaches on training days to be able to give riders information whilst riding, rather than having to stop every other lap. It also works well if you are just out riding the trails with your friends. Being able to communicate if you have an issue or if you just want to let them know you need to pee.

On to the helmet itself though. The size ranges from XS up to XL. I opted for a medium being my go-to size in most helmets and it was true to size. A very comfortable fit with no tight areas on my head or around my neck. The Airoh ACE 2 comes in a variety of different colours so you’ll be able to match your helmet with almost any kit that you have.

One thing a lot of people don’t take into account when buying a helmet is the type of goggles you’ll be wearing with the helmet. If the goggle area on your helmet is quite small, you will struggle to use goggles like the 100% Armega or a SCOTT Prospect. However, the goggle area on the ACE 2 is one of the bigger spaces when compared to other brands. I ran a SCOTT Prospect goggle during the test and there was plenty of room for the goggle to sit comfortably on my face. The SCOTT Prospect is one of the largest goggles on the market so you should be pretty safe with whatever goggles you opt for with this helmet.

Besides the intercom capabilities, the helmet doesn’t boast much in terms of cutting-edge technology. It is a standard carbon composite shell with a normal mid-range helmet safety system. The peak is secured by 3 plastic screws, 2 on either side and one on the top. The DD ring helps keep the helmet secure on your head and the inner pads and lining are easily removed for washing purposes. This isn’t to say that is a bad helmet.

At an RRP of £340.00 it is considerably less than some of the higher-end helmets, but you don’t get all the bells and whistles. This helmet is aimed at top-level riders. It is more for you weekend warrior who just wants to have a good day racing and is more interested in just having fun, rather than beating himself up over the results. For a mid-range priced helmet, it certainly brings a lot to the table in terms of style and functionality.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a new helmet but simply don’t have the funds to purchase the newest and jazziest helmet, this helmet will see you well. It does everything a helmet is supposed to do and looks good while doing it

Tested and written by Brad Wheeler