2024 Paris Supercross (Nov 16-17), ready to rock

2024 is the 40th anniversary year for the ever young Paris Supercross (first edition on March 14/15th, 1984) and it is “ready to rock” once again, on November 16 & 17th, at the Paris La Defense Arena, the spacious, modern and multi-task stadium that will be one of the homes of the upcoming Olympics this summer, after welcoming Taylor Switf last week !

The promoter, Larivière Organisation, has already secured the participation of heavy hitters for this exceptional 41st edition. Jett Lawrence, new US Supercross champion, reigning King of Paris and arguably the biggest sensation in the world of Motocross, enjoyed his first experience in Paris tremendously last year and will be back to display more of his unique talent, for the pleasure of the notoriously knowledgeable Paris SX fans. So will his brother Hunter, who managed to get a win over Jett last year on the Triple Crown format and ended up second overall for the week-end. Both Lawrence’s participation will be supported by Honda’s American and France’s divisions.

Cooper Webb, who pushed Jett Lawrence to the last race and finished runner-up in the US 2024 SX season, winning 4 rounds along the way, will be also back in Paris to defend Yamaha’s chances.

Malcolm Stewart, another French crowd favorite, has accepted the invitation and will represent Husqvarna. Along with Webb, Stewart has raced in all three historical venues that held the Event : Paris-Bercy, Lille and La Défense Arena ! Paris SX loves “Mookie” and vice-versa !

The partisan French fans will have someone to “extra-root for” in the 450 class as, for the first time since 2019 (and his mix of 4 US titles, between SX and MX, 250 and 450), Dylan Ferrandis will be back to perform on home soil !

The same fans will also be treated with a very promising duel, in the 250 class, between the new 250 East division SX champion -and French hero- KTM’s Tom Vialle, and the reigning Prince of Paris, Jo Shimoda, Lawrence’s teammate at HRC Honda.

Rarely has the Paris SX been able to display such a large and impressive part of his line-up, so early in the season. Traditionally sold out for Saturday night’s show (and close from it for Sunday’s), the oldest-running, most prestigious International SX Event of the calendar is glad to let the SX fans from all over Europe know that they have their chance to watch World’s greatest SX riders perform in the City of Lights, next November 16 & 17th.

Tickets available on the official website : www.supercrossparis.com