Motocross will be treated as an Olympic sport in the Netherlands from 2025

NOC*NSF has decided that motocross will be treated as an Olympic sport in the Netherlands from 2025. This increased status is the result of an application by the KNMV and is valid for four years (an Olympic cycle).

Motocross may not be an Olympic sport, but no one can ignore the level in the Netherlands. In practice, the new status means greater appreciation for this branch of motorsport and that the available grants for motocross will be increased. This allows the KNMV to start high-quality programs for top riders, in addition to the existing programs for young talent. All grants entirely benefit the sport.

The NOC*NSF assessment is based on a request from the KNMV in which data, insights and figures have been collected in various areas regarding motocross. Wim Mulder, director of the KNMV, sees the decision as a real breakthrough for motorsport:

“I am convinced that motocross is first and foremost a challenging and impactful sport. It is great to do or watch and has a worldwide impact thanks to its large fan base. We have made a strong argument with the results of the Dutch motocross riders and the programs we have set up for talented young riders. This proves that the KNMV makes a consistent contribution to motocross success. I am proud that the Olympic Committee has given motocross the highest possible sport status in the Netherlands.”