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Youthstream presents the SkyBox in Valkenswaard

During the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, which took place during the Easter weekend in Valkenswaard, Youthstream had the pleasure to present to the teams and riders the SkyBox, the new structure that will be used as the waiting zone in all the Grand Prix that will be celebrated in Europe. The podium is placed on top of this structure, so it gives an exclusive view of the podium ceremony to the fans at the SkyBox, as well as a more impressive way of watching the start of the races.
On Saturday, one day before the MXGP of the Netherlands started, all the teams and riders gathered together at the SkyBox, where Youthstream made the official presentation giving all the details of how the new structure would be used during the races. After making a small tour around the area, all the teams and riders could enjoy the beautiful food that was presented on the second floor while they all exchanged their thoughts and questions of the brand new facility.

The SkyBox is a double-decker structure made up of 15 boxes on the lower floor, where all the mechanics place the bikes of their riders when the waiting zone is open. Next to the bikes a hostess holds the Sky-Flag, which shows the name of the team and the rider’s name and nationality, until a few minutes before the rider goes to the gate. The second floor has twelve boxes divided in the middle by the podium and they are dedicated to all the VIP spectators who have the possibility to enjoy the buffet and the drinks available at the SkyBox during the races.


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