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Xtreme Academy riders coached by Honda motocross stars in Belgium

Honda Xtreme Academy riders in Belgium enjoyed a fantastic day of coaching in good weather at Honda Park, Belgium yesterday with Xtreme Academy trainer Brian Jorgensen who was joined by Honda World Motocross’s Evgeny Bobryshev and Rui Gonçalves, along with LS Honda Racing’s Jonathan Barragan.

The event, which was also combined with a Dunlop journalist test for the new MX11 sand tyre, was a great opportunity for young, aspiring riders to train with racers competing at the highest level of the sport in the MX1 World Championship.

The youngsters were treated to sessions of coaching, which were led by Jorgensen, and included one-to-one help with the MXGP stars, who demonstrated with their own machines around the sandy Balen track.

“It’s great to be able to take a bit of time out to help the youngsters,” said Gonçalves. “It’s also a good opportunity for us to be able to have some fun riding and help the next generation of riders with their technique. I really enjoy it, as it gives a great feeling when you can see the improvements.”

The pro-riders also treated the young-guns to a riding demonstration aboard their CRF 450R machines, and were able to put something back into the grass roots of the sport with their coaching skills.

“I really enjoying working with the young riders,” said Bobryshev. “It’s a good chance to meet some of the stars of tomorrow, and to give them help with things to improve with their technique.”

The day, which included a healthy pasta lunch, concluded with a debrief from Jorgensen, a former Grand Prix winner himself, as well as a presentation of some t-shirts for the young riders.

“For me this was a great opportunity to be able to train with such good riders. I come from the Antwerpen area and I race in one of the Belgian championships. To be honest I’ve never seen riders like that in action; it has really given me an insight and we have learned so much today. Thankyou to Honda and to the coaches, as we had a lot of riding and fun today with the training,” said 16 year old Jan Antonissen.

This training day was part of Honda Europe’s initiative to help develop young riders in as many countries as possible. This year the Xtreme Academy CRF 150R championships take place in five countries; UK, Italy, Sweden, Ireland and Finland with further events for young Honda riders taking place in Denmark, Norway and Belgium. For more information please visit

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