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Xavier Boog Forced To Stand By Two Races

ICE1Racing rider Xavier Boog, who injured his ankle in the first race of the season in Qatar, has undergone tests due to the pain in his right foot. The tibiofibular is partially ruptured and Boog is to stand by for the next three weeks. Boog misses both Portugal and Brazil GPs, but is expected to return to the circuit in Ernee, France June 9th.
The French rider Xavier Boog has had his ankle examined in France due to returning pain. Boog injured his ankle in the very first race of the season in Qatar, after which he has returned to racing with variable results due to the injury. In the latest GP in Bulgaria Boog was forced to retire after twisting the ankle yet again.

The tests revealed that the tibiofibular ligament of his right foot is partially ruptured, but it has started to heal. Boog received an injection of platelet (prp) yesterday to accelerate the healing and now he needs at least two weeks of rest before the next check up.

” I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I am really disappointed to be injured and to miss the next two GPs, but on then again I am happy to finally know what was wrong exactly”, explained Boog after receiving the news.

“Now I will have one week to rest my ankle, during which I will continue my physical workout with my upper body. After I will be back on my bicycle for the following next two weeks. After these three weeks, if everything goes as planned, I will be able to ride my KTM without pain”, continued Boog.

“My main goal is to be well prepared for my home GP in France and score good results in the second half of the championship. I really thank the ICE1Racing team members for their continued encouragement and support.”

Boog is expected to return to the circuit on May 9th in Ernee, France.

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