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Wymeswold with Coventry Club ( 2 Day Trophy Event)

Glorious sunshine and a well prepared track greeted the Saturday competitors for Coventry’s 2 Day Trophy/Prize Money weekend at Turnpost Farm.

The Auto Class was one of the most hotly contested races of the weekend with Riley Harrison taking the first race win followed by KaydeRaynes in 2nd and Tyler Etheridge 3rd. Race two and it was chop and change all race but again Riley snatched the win from Kyle Ingram in 2nd and KaydeRayns 3rd. The final race on the Saturday saw Kayde pull out all the stops for an excellent win followed home by Kyle Ingram 2nd and Riley Harrison 3rd.Sunday morning and a freshly graded and heavily watered track to try and minimise the dust for the predicted 30 degree heat saw a brilliant first race win by Kyle Ingram, 2nd for Riley Harrison and 3rdKaydeRayns. Race 2 and another win for Kyle Ingram, 2nd Riley and 3rdKayde.The final race of the weekend for these warriors and a win for Riley Harrison, 2nd Kyle Ingram and 3rdKaydeRayns.

The 65cc Junior Class saw Ben Clark make his mark on the circuit with a brilliant first race win on the Saturday with Joshua Main in 2nd and 3rd for Hedley Longford. Race 2 and a stormer of a win for Hedley Longford with Joshua Main 2nd and Ben Clark 3rd. Race 3 and this time Joshua Main kept his cool to take the finish flag ahead of Ben Clark in 2nd and Harrison Boam in 3rd. Races 1 and 2 on the Sunday and Ben Clark was back to his winning ways taking the flag first ahead of Joshua Main in 2nd and Luke Spinks in 3rd. The final race of the weekend for these flyers and what a race it was with the lead changing lap by lap but Ben Clark kept his cool and crossed the finish first with Joshua Main 2nd, a slip by Luke Spinks which saw him crash heavy and unable to continue whilst fighting for the lead meant that Harrison Boam was there to take the final podium place with a good 3rd place position.

Dylan Spencer stormed to victory in all 3 Small Wheel races on the Saturday with Josh Greedy taking 2nd in all 3. Scot Davidon took 3rd in race 1, Ethan Etheridge 3rd in race 2 and TJ Brown taking 3rd in race 3. With a new days racing Dylan Spencer wasn’t going to let any of his competitors have it easy taking an excellent first race win on the Sunday ahead of Josh Greedy in 2nd and Scot Davidson 3rd. Race 2 and this time the win for Josh Greedy with Dylan taking 2nd and Kieran Ryan taking a great 3rd place to the delight of his mum. Race three and another win for Josh Greedy, 2nd for Dylan Spencer and 3rd going to a well deserved Jacob Bell.

The Big Wheel class saw a brilliant race by Matt Brame to take the chequered flag in the first race on the Saturday ahead of Mitchell Warhurst in 2ndand Layne Cupitt 3rd. Race 2 and Mitchell snatched the win from Matt in 2nd with Kyde Marlow taking 3rd place. Race 3 and Matt Brame rode like a winner to take the final chequered of the day with Mitchell hot on his rear wheel to take 2nd and Kyde Marlow taking 3rd. Sunday’s first race saw a refreshed Mitchell Warhurst taking the win ahead of Matt Brame in 2nd and an excellent 3rd for JC Verdugo. Race 2 and this time the win going to Matt Brame, 2nd for Mitchell Warhurst and 3rd for Kyde Marlowe.The final race of this group and the final win for Mitchell Warhurst, 2nd Matt Brame and 3rdKyde Marlowe.Cracking racing by these guys.

Visiting Kurtis Williams gave the crowd a show stopping performance with 3 race wins and maximum Saturday points in the Senior class. Ben Daniels rode his heart out to take 2nd in the first race with Jack Kearlsey taking 3rd. Race 2 and a cracking 2nd for JacKearsley and 3rd for Daniel Smith.Race 3 and 2nd again for JacKearsley and Zac Harris taking 3rd. A new day but not a new 1st race winner as Kurtis Williams stormed to cross the finish line first ahead of Ryan Deacon in 2nd and Joe Tobutt in 3rd. Race 2 and a well deserved win by Daniel Neale who had crashed in race 1, 2nd going to Kurtis Williams and 3rd for Joe Tobutt. The final race for these guys saw Joe Tobutt taking a brilliant race win ahead of Kurtis Williams in 2nd and Daniel Neale 3rd.

Jack Gardner stormed to three Saturday race wins in the AMX Group with Jake Lord taking 2nd in race 1 and Scott Hambridge 3rd. Races 2 and 3 saw Scott Hambridge taking 2nd place with Jake Lord taking 3rd. Sunday morning saw recovering Chuck Davies back to his winning ways with an excellent first race win ahead of Scott Hambridge in 2nd and Jake Lord 3rd. Races 2 and 3 and excellent racing by Jordan Willis saw him take both race wins with Scott ‘Titch’ Hambridge taking both 2nd and Jake Lord taking the final podium places in 3rd.

Josh Spink’s mission in the Open Class must have been to see how many of his fellow racers he could lap as no one came close to beating him during the weekend – the guy is awesome and gave the crowd some excellent opportunities of taking brilliant photo’s of him over the jumps whilst lapping rider after rider. Brilliant !

Luke Houghton tried his hardest to stop Spinks taking 2nd place in races 1 and 2 on the Saturday with Matt Porter taking 3rd in both. Race 3 and following Josh, Matt Porter took 2nd with 3rd going to Luke Houghton. Sunday saw a repeated performance by Josh Spinks and 3 excellent race wins. Luke Houghton took 3 2nd places and Brad Doyle who has just recovered from injury took 3 great 3rd places. A brilliant race to watch from the guys leading to the guys bringing up the rear.

The final group and our beloved Veterans Class with some who forget they are getting on in years ! Saturday saw Sean Doyle taking the first race win with Richard Lowe 2nd and Lee Bingley 3rd. Race 2 and 3 and more win’s for Sean Doyle, 2nd in both for Lee Bingley and 3rd place going to Phil Gee.Sunday saw Luke Brown take the first race win ahead of Rob Hollis in 2nd and 3rd for Sean Doyle. Race 2 and tussles a plenty between the leading pack with Sean Doyle eventually taking the win ahead of Luke Brown in 2nd and Rob Hollis 3rd. The final race of the weekend and victory for Sean Doyle, 2nd Luke Brown and an excellent 3rd place for Simon Steadman.

Congratulations must go to not just the winners but to all the riders who competed over the 2 days in such blistering heat and to the Officials, Marshals and Medical staff who ensured the meeting ran smoothly.

Trophies awarded to all riders who competed in both days plus Top 3 Adult AMX / Open received prize money.


Saturday                                      Sunday

Auto Class :-

Holeshot – Kyle Ingram              Kyle Ingram

1st – Riley Harrison                1st – Kyle Ingram

2nd – KaydeRayns                2nd – Riley Harrison

3rd – Kyle Ingram                   3rd – KaydeRayns

4th – Tyler Etheridge           4th – Tyler Etheridge

5th – George Goodfellow        5th – George Goodfellow

6th – jack Lillyman                 6th – Harry West

Auto Overall :-

1st – Kyle Ingram

2nd – Riley Harrison

3rd – KaydeRayns

4th – Tyler Etheridge

5th – George Goodfellow

6th – Harry West


Holeshot – Hedley Longford         Joshua Main

1st – Joshua Main                   1st – Ben Clark

2nd – Ben Clark                      2nd – Joshua Main

3rd – Hedley Longford           3rd – Harrison Boam

4th – Lewis Thompson            4th – Lewis Thompson

5th – Harrison Boam              5th – Jack Ryan

6th – George Hopper                6th – Tristan Rowicki

Overall :-

1st – Ben Clark

2nd – Joshua Main

3rd – Lewis Thompson

4th – Harrison Boam

5th – Henry Tomes

6th – Max Sharrott

Small Wheels

Holeshot – Dylan Spencer       Holeshot – Dylan Spencer

1st – Dylan Spencer                1st – Josh Greedy

2nd – Josh Greedy                  2nd – Dylan Spencer

3rd – Scot Davidson                3rd – Jacob Bell

4th – T J Brown                     4th – Kieran Ryan

5th – Ethan Etheridge            5th – Scot Davidson

6th – Dan Fisher                    6th – Warren Benner

Small Wheel Overall :-

1st–Dylan Spencer

2nd – Josh Greedy

3rd – Scot Davidson

4th – Jacob Bell

5th – Dan Fisher

6th – T J Brown

Big Wheel 85cc

Holeshot – Mitchell Warhurst     Holeshot – Matt Brame

1st – Matt Brame                        1st – Mitchell Warhurst

2nd – Mitchell Warhurst            2nd – Matt Brame

3rd – Kyde Marlow                   3rd – Layne Cupitt

4th – Layne Cupitt                    4th – Kyde Marlow

5th – J C Verdugo                    5th – J C Verdugo

6th – Josh Oates                      6th – Hayden Stevens

Overall :-

1st – Mitchell Warhurst

2nd – Matt Brame

3rd – Kyde Marlow

4th – Layne Cupitt

5th – J C Verdugo

6th – Josh Oates


Holeshot – JacKearsley            Holeshot – Joe Tobutt

1st – Kurtis Williams                 1st – Kurtis Williams

2nd – JacKearsley                   2nd – JacKearsley

3rd – Zac Harris                     3rd – Ryan Deacon

4th – Ben Daniels                    4th – Dan Neale

5th – Robert Wilson               5th – JacKearsley

6th – Billy Hewitt                   6th – OliSharratt

Overall :-

1st – Kurtis Williams

2nd – JacKearsley

3rd – Ben Daniels

4th – Billy Hewitt

5th – OliSharratt

6th – Jordan McIlwaine

AMX Class

Holeshot – Jack Gardner                   Chuck Davies

1st – Jack Gardner                        1st – Jordan Wills

2nd – Jake Lord                           2nd – Scott Hambridge

3rd – Jamie Berry                        3rd – Jake Lord

4th – Scott Hambridge                4th – John Measham

5th – Andrew Lowe                     5th – Andrew Lowe

6th – Ryan Gee                            6th – Jamie Berry

Overall –

1st – Scott Hambridge

2nd – Jake Lord

3rd – Jamie Berry

4th – Andrew Lowe

5th – Ryan Gee

6th – Chuck Davies

Open Class:-

Holeshot – Josh Spinks              Holeshot – Josh Spinks

1st – Josh Spinks                        1st – Josh Spinks

2nd – Luke Houghton                   2nd – Luke Houghton

3rd – Matt Porter                          3rd – Brad Doyle

4th – Luke Westerman                     4th – Luke Westerman

5th – Thomas Hambridge                  5th – Stu Smith

6th – Stu Smith                             6th – Thomas Hambridge

Overall :-

1st – Josh Spinks

2nd – Luke Houghton

3rd–Luke Westerman

4th – Thomas Hambridge

5th – Stuart Smith

6th – Jack Ratcliffe

Veteran Class :-

Holeshot – Sean Doyle                Sean Doyle

1st – Sean Doyle                        1st – Sean Doyle

2nd – Lee Bingley                     2nd – Luke Brown

3rd – Richard Lowe                    3rd – Rob Hollis

4th – Phil Gee                        4th – Simon Steadman

5th – Mark O’Callaghan             5th – Phil Gee

6th – Alan Edwards                 6th – Richard Lowe

Vets Overall :-

1st – Sean Doyle

2nd – Lee Bingley

3rd – Phil Gee

4th – Richard Lowe

5th – Alan Edwards

6th – Michael Gather

Wheelie Bike Competition :-

Under 12 Winner :- Ben Clarke

Teenagers :- Tom Daniels

Adults:- Brad Doyle

Footy Competition Kids v Adults – ADULTS Won !

Congratulations to all the Bingo and Raffle Winners.

Hope you all had a great weekend with CJMX and hope to see you at our next race meeting which is on 21st July at WEEDON.

Report: Julie Hambridge.

Photos: Jemma Mx Photos.


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