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Info: Kingdom Off-Road

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It should not come as a shock that motocross does not get the greatest reputation in the mainstream press, hence why it was so amazing to come across some positive publicity. What was the source of this? The focus was a programme called Kingdom Off-Road. It is effectively a place that gives kids a place to go to ride motocross, learn how to maintain bikes and all that fun stuff.

Not only is this a positive case study, it is also introducing new people to the sport. See, positive! The charity provides structured coaching and controlled environments to ride in. It is effectively done to, in their own words, ensure that these kids “develop into responsible young adults.” Not only that, the short-term vision of this programme is to develop their workshop so that the volunteers can gain basic motorcycle maintenance knowledge and work-place qualifications.

This story does take a bit of a negative turn, as two of the sheds on the Kingdom Off-Road property were burnt to the ground by vandals recently. The contents that were inside obviously went up in smoke as well. It’ll take both time and money to replace all of that stuff, so they are now asking for donations. Click here to both donate and learn more about the programme. It is an interesting read.

A final interesting thing to consider is that this place is gathering pace on mainstream platforms. A British comedian shared the programme, as well as a link to donate, to his 3,467,345 followers on Facebook. Not bad, huh?

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer

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