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Winning Start For Team Green At MX Nationals

Following the demise of the Pro Nationals for 2014, Team Green, like many others have turned their focus to the new MX Nationals as a major championship to win. The inaugural MX Nationals took place at Culham Moto Park and were blessed very much with four seasons over the course of the weekend. There was everything from blinding sunshine to hailstorms and strong gusts of wind……enough for us to see our paddock set up take off up over the team truck and away down the paddock!
Thankfully that was the only real negative in what was otherwise an excellent start to our quest for outdoor motocross championships. We’re off and running with a solid start from all three riders. The new MX Nationals are running a different format to what we’ve known so far in that they are mixing the big wheeled and small wheeled 85cc racers together. That means that all three of our team; Dylan ‘Beaker’ Woodcock, Jed ‘Twitch’ Etchells and Lewis ‘Animal’ Hall are all racing in the same race, although Lewis, as our small wheeled racer is scored separately like the rest of the small wheel class.
After a good qualifying session for all of the riders it was clear that the team’s preparation had been solid. Both Dylan (3rd) and Jed (7th) were comfortably in the top group of riders after both coming back from a month or more out with broken bones. They looked great, yet obviously a little ring rusty. Lewis on the other hand looked sharp as a knife and comfortably topped his class by just shy of three seconds.
After four gruelling motos on arguably the roughest Culham Moto Park has ever been Dylan ended up on the podium in second, Jed a solid sixth in the big wheel class. Lewis dominated the small wheeled class coming from behind in all of his races to pass most of his competitors to win every race in the small wheeled category and give himself and Team Green and convincing first national win of the year!
Jeff Perrett – Team Manager
“I know you could and should always look for more, ask for more, that’s the mentality needed to succeed but in all honesty on this occasion I didn’t. The lads have got off to an awesome start. Considering both Dylan and Jed broke bones and banged themselves up in the Arenacross and missed so much riding and preparation to come out of here with Dylan in second, Jed in sixth and Lewis dominating like he did is a fantastic start to our season. Dylan was just trying too hard and getting himself too worked up to do well on Saturday, which I understand, he wants to win but he wasn’t being realistic, he’s had a lot time off the bike. He believed he would pick up where he left off and it doesn’t work like that, the others have all be racing and are race fit. Jed did what Jed does best, be consistent. In his riding and his results. He’s behind Dylan and Lewis regarding where we are at with his bike set up and we all knew that coming in, yet he never let that get to him and did the business. We all know going to our next race, the British Youth Nationals, he’ll be on an even better bike and be running right in there at the sharp end with Dylan. Lewis was simply stunning. The best I’ve ever seen him race. We approached him and his parents about being on the team because of his commitment and out and out aggression on a bike. What he’s already showing is that he’s now adding consistency and more speed to his game. His concentration levels have gone up and he’s now starting to iron out those mistakes and lapses in concentration. Of course he’s only young and will make mistakes going forward, everyone does, but already they seem less likely than before. He was so much faster than his rivals, and that showed as he had to pass most of them to win. Starts are still a weak point, mainly because of his short legs, but regardless of that we’ll work on them and hopefully that will save him having to work so hard from the back because although it’s good to win doing it like that you don’t want to be doing it every weekend. Overall it was a brilliant weekend for us, the only negative was seeing our paddock set up take off like a kite!”
Dylan Woodcock #60 – Big Wheeled KX85
“I’m happy that I got back to winning this weekend, that’s what I really wanted to do. I probably wanted it too much and that’s why I made stupid mistakes on Saturday. The first moto was a nightmare, I crashed three times in that and finished 9th so I wasn’t happy at all. Everyone told me just to calm down and not to try so hard because I haven’t really raced for ages so the next race I tried to do that but I went and crashed again on the first lap! I picked myself up and told myself just to ride and not go crazy to catch up and I pulled through to 4th. After that one I felt much better and knew I could win, so I woke up Sunday feeling confident and went out and won both motos. My fitness and conditioning is good and it was a real buzz to reel in Brett (Pocock) and pass him just before the last corner. I happy and confident to be back racing and winning and I’m really looking forward the year ahead.”
Jed Etchells #7 – Big Wheeled KX85
“It was so cool just to be back racing, I really missed it after breaking my elbow and wrist. I just wanted to get some solid points and get a good start to the MX Nationals that I can build on and I’ve done that. We’ve got a few more tweaks to give the bike that will make a big difference too so I know I’ve got that to look forward to and that will make me go quicker. I think it will take a few weeks to be 100% race fit and then hopefully with the changes to the bike I’ll be mixing it with Dylan and the lads up front. I rode smart and mistake free and wasn’t too far off the pace so that’s a good sign.”
Lewis Hall #9 – Small Wheeled KX85
“I’m pumped to win my first ever national riding for Team Green. I loved every lap out there. It was rough and really difficult and that’s when I like it the most. My bike was ripping and once we started I felt really good. I was really nervous before because it’s the first outdoor race for Team Green working out of the team truck and all that but after qualifying and seeing my times I didn’t feel so nervous. The last couple of times I’ve come to Culham I’ve got injured and didn’t finish so it feels good to end that. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I didn’t really expect to win all four of my races, especially coming through the pack like that. Our next two races are at FatCat and that’s one of my favourite tracks so I’m really looking forward to them but I know I have to keep working and concentrating hard, especially because Jeff says so!”

Image: Elliot Spencer

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