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On June 29th/30th Westcoast motocross club headed to the new Nancemellan motocross track near Connor downs in Cornwall.
Weeks of hard work and preparation went on at the venue leading up to the event, and the hard work of the committee payed of with a brilliant result.
The track consisted of old school and technical elements with a mix of different terrain including, hard pack,lose earth, and even some wood chip!.
With a solid entry over both days the southern mx championship round 3 was set to be a cracking event, and with a disco marque for Saturday nights entertainment,the meeting was full of fun and excitement throughout both days!
The MX1 and MX2 categories raced together over the weekend with separate scoring.
Some of the weekends toughest and roughest racing action was in this class making it more than entertaining for the spectators.
The opening moto of the weekend saw MX1 riders Leon Burt and Dan Wade up front closely followed by MX2 riders, Stuart Smith and Darren Toy.
The chequered flag flew at the end of the moto for Leon Burt taking first place ahead of Dan Wade in the MX1 division, followed by Carl Mcllroy in a strong third place.
Taking first in the MX2 class, Darren Toy kept his 2 stroke ahead of Four stroke mounted Stuart Smith in second.
A huge turn of events was had in the second moto on saturday.
The race was of to a furious start with moto one runner up, Dan Wade taking the holeshot!
MX2 competitor Darren Toy was on a perfect form charging down MX1 rider  Dan Wade in the early stages.
In the later stages of the race contact was had between the two hard chargers Dan Wade and Darren Toy, resulting in Darren having to leave the race unfinished.
Dan Wade was left with an easy win after this incident after Leon Burt was also having his own troubles.
Dan Wade took the moto two win ahead of, Carl Mcllroy, Colby Walker, and Ross Johns.
Stuart Smith had a great ride showing strong ability taking the MX2 win over  Gareth Marshall.
Saturdays third and final moto was underway with MX2 rider Stuart Smith being the first rider over the tracks first jump, followed by Leon Burt, Darren Toy, and Dan Wade.
By the second lap of the moto it was Leon Burt up front holding the lead with Darren  Toy in close check after both riders got by Stuart Smith, who was left battling for third with Dan Wade.
An unfortunate mistake allowed Dan Wade to get by Darren Toy.
Leon Burt dominated out front and took the saturday moto three win in the MX1 class ahead of,Dan Wade,Carl Mcllroy, and back from resent motocross absence, Sean Browning.
Whilst after a great start to the moto Stuart Smith was credited with first place at the flag for the MX2 class.
Sundays first, and the weekends  fourth MX1 and MX2 race was underway with Leon Burt up front.
Leon Burt dominated the mixed pack leading start to finish and going on to take the race win!
Darren Toy was seen having a great ride in the MX2 class going on to take the win away from Stuart Smith who was on good form.
Flying over the tracks first jump at the beginning of the fifth moto was Leon Burt, followed by Stuart Smith.
Darren Toy was absent from the race, with suspected issues from his get together with Dan Wade on Saturdays racing.
Stuart was seen taking a fall braking his gear lever tip, leaving him out of the race results having to retire with just a lap to go.
Leon Burt took the race win once again followed by, Sean Browning, Carl Mcllroy, Jordan Iles,Ross Johns and Wayne Slater.
The gates were soon dropping for the final race, Leon Burt grabbed the race holeshot.
With a new gear lever equipped to his Honda, Stuart Smith was seen riding in hot pursuit from gate to flag.
Leon Burt remained dominating taking the moto win, and claiming overall victory!
Ross Johns had six strong moto finishes claiming him second overall.
Consistent and safe riding helped to put Wayne Slater in third.
Whilst just one point separated, fourth and fifth placed riders, Carl Mcllroy and Sean Browning.
Whilst taking overall victory in MX2 was the consistently strong Stuart Smith.
The other two adult classes, sportsman and over 35’s also competed together and some fantastic racing was had with riders from each class mixing it up.
Saturdays opening moto came to a finish with John Bud claiming the sportsman victory ahead of, Martin Dunstan, Sean Harry, and Adrian Retallack.
Whilst Kevin Woodley claimed the Over 35 win over, Jinx Hewitt and Mark Ridgley.
Some more solid motocross action was had in moto two, but this time  Dan Budd took the race win. Moto one winner John Budd had a poor race resulting in claiming a  DNF.
James Woodford claimed second ahead of Sean Harry.
Whilst Kevin Woodley took the moto win for the overs class.
The third and final race was won once again by, Kevin Woodley in the over 35’s, and Dan Budd in the sportsman.
James Woodford had a solid ride taking fourth in the sportsman class ahead of John Budd and Josh Mitchell.
A stronger line up of riders attended the meeting on Sunday, witch made the class’s racing more exciting with a mix of results.
Sundays opening race was underway with Rob Jago and Mark Denslow up front, these two riders are well known in the Cornwall motocross scene have a lot of racing history together, with more memories being made as the pair battled out front together.
The chequred flag flew for over 35s winner Mark Denslow and sportsman winner, Jamie Hoskin.
After three strong results including two wins on saturday, Dan Budd finished Sundays opening race in a solid third.
Whilst consistent determination helped claim Paul Tyson a decent fourth in the overs.
After battling strong in moto one, sundays second moto saw Robert Jago and Mark Denslow battling up front again after Denslow claimed the race holeshot.
Young rider, Tristan Young was on great form holding third place in the early stages. Whilst by the end of lap four it was Robert Jago leading the pack.
Jago kept on a great pace at the front and deservingly took the race win ahead of Mark Denslow this time around.
Another great ride saw Jamie Hoskin take the sportsman division win ahead of Dan Budd, and Tristan Young. Whilst Anton Ferris secured sixth.
The third and final sportsman and over 35 race came to an early finish.
Wayne Gilbert had a nasty crash resulting in the race being red flagged.
With several laps having took place by this point the race results were determined from the previous lap.
Tristan Young took the sportsman victory, with Mark Denslow securing victory in his division.
But it was fifth placed, Mark Ridgley who claimed overall victory after six solid race results.
Martin Dunstan grabbed overall victory in the sportsman class.
Whilst Adrian Retallack claimed runners up honors, despite having the worst start possible to the weekends final moto.
After escaping what could have been a serious injury Wayne Gilbert went home with smiles after a great weekends racing, leaving the meeting in a decent  twelfth spot.
The fast and furious rookies youth class showed some spectacular motocross riding skills over both days.
Saturdays opening moto took place with seven hard core racers taking there place behind the gates.
The gates dropped and Kane Colsell grabbed the holeshot.
The action was strong with all riders on good form, Jade Ware was seen riding strong among the boys.
Jack Roberts was soon to challenge holeshotter Kane Colsell for the lead, Jack Roberts took the lead and continued on at a great speed. Towards the closeing stages of the moto, Jade Ware was putting one hundred and ten percent effort to pass Jack Cruse, but her the 2 stroke failed to match the pace of the 250 Fourstroke.
Jack Roberts claimed the moto one win deservingly, with Kane Colsell shortly behind in second ahead of his brother Leigh in third.
After some great action in moto two, the results remained  the same as in the previous moto for the top four, Again Jack Roberts came out on top ahead of closest rival, Kane Colsell, again ahead of his  greatly riding brother Leigh Colsell.
Ben Way had another consistent pace from gate to flag to take fourth ahead of fifth placed Harrison Rees.
But this time Jade Ware did herself proud to claim sixth place.
Saturdays third and final race again ahead Kane Colsell and Jack Roberts at the front of the pack. With both riders pushing there ability to a high standard.
The race soon came to a finish with Jack Roberts taking the win once again claiming all three moto wins on saturday.
Kane Colsell took another solid second place this time ahead of Ben Way.
Harrison Rees also raced well and claimed himself a strong fourth placed result.
A couple extra riders lined to the gates for sundays opening race.
As in saturdays races, it was again Jack Roberts and Kane Colsell proving to be dominant.
Both riders charged hard, but it was Jack Roberts to get the edge for the race win.
Kane Colsell performed to a high ability respectively taking another strong second place.
Finishing close to his brother, Leigh Colsell took third in Sundays opening moto ahead of, Ben Way and Zac Hudson.
After dominating the first four moto’s of the weekend, race three saw Jack Roberts take to the line confident for another race win.
Great riding was again displayed by Roberts as he went on to secure another race win.
Kane Colsell was pushing hard again respectively taking another  second.
The sixth and final Rookies race was soon to take place as the 2 day meeting was heading to a close.
The gates dropped and Kane Colsell gated the best to take the race holeshot.
At terrifying paces, Kane Colsell and Jack Roberts were seen battling it out banging bars with each other,  nither rider was seen to be backing down.
Kane Colsell was seen riding superbly on his KTM 2 stroke, but was seen make a mistake in one of the dust berms allowing Jack Roberts to extend himself to a comfortable position.
Roberts took the race win taking all six wins to a dominating overall victory.
Kane Colsell showed outstanding riding skills Taking second place securing second overall more than deservingly.
Ben Way had a great weekends riding finishing the meeting in a strong third place.
Bike issues saw Leigh Colsell miss the start of the final race, but a fast charge and a solid result left Leigh to claim fourth overall.
Whilst Harrison Rees claimed sixth behind Jack Cruse.
Big wheel and small wheeled 85cc riders raced together over the weekend and the small wheel racers contended well against the bigger boys.
The weekends opening 85cc moto was off to a great start with Thomas Townrow taking the big wheel holeshot, whilst Dan Roberts claimed it in the small wheels.
A very fast battle was soon in place at the front of the pack between Townrow and Roberts.
Thomas Townrow continued to ride strong at the front followed by the number three plated KTM of Sam Gill.
In the later stages of the race Sam Gill made some mistakes witch saw him drop down the pack, whilst Charlie long and Kian Mayho moved closer to the front with the help of there powerful 150cc Honda’s.
The first race came to a close with Daniel Roberts claiming the small wheel win ahead of Sam Hunt, Yann May and Daniel Back.
Whilst Thomas Townrow took the win for the big wheels ahead of, Charlie Long, Kian Mayho and Sam Gill.
Saturdays second moto again saw Thomas Townrow up front with Dan Roberts.
Big wheel rider Sam Gill had a much better performance in this race staying clear from mistakes.
The race came to end with Thomas Townrow and Dan Roberts taking there respectable class wins.
Sam Gill secured second place in the big wheels finishing ahead of third placed Sam Johns.
Whilst another great ride took Sam Hunt to second.
Saturdays third and final race had the spectators come alive.
The number 4 plated small wheel 85cc of Sam Hunt was seen dominating the mixed class with a strong lead out front!
Sam Hunt stepped up his game and road his heart out to  take the race win at the flag.
Small wheel moto one and two winner, Dan Roberts respectively finished second this time.
Whilst Brogan Laity claimed a solid third.
Whilst Thomas Townrow claimed another race win in the big wheels coming ahead of, Charlie Long, Kian Mayho, Sam Gill, and Olly Hewitt.
The first small wheel and big wheel 85cc race was a cracker to watch, with all riders giving maximum effort and the small wheels riders were seen matching the pace of the big boys.
The race was underway with Dan Roberts and Thomas Townrow taking the holeshots.
Thomas Townrow was seen riding to his best trying to prove the big wheels have the better advantage and are rightfully at front.
Thomas Townrow was seen pressuring Dan Roberts for several laps with barely a second between them.
Dan Roberts later felt the pressures to much and made a devastating mistake that left him to take a trip to the hospital with a broken collar  bone.
After a great ride in Saturdays final race Sam Hunt went on to take the small wheel race win.
Whilst Thomas Townrow claimed his fourth big wheel win of the weekend.
The fifth 85cc race saw Sam Hunt take the race holeshot.
Sam Johns was seen having a brilliant ride abroad his YZ85, whilst Sam Hunt was pulling away up front.
A strong battle was had between the fourstroke riders, Yann May, Charlie Long, and Kian Mayho with 2 stroker Sam Gill close by.
The gates fell for the final 85cc race of the weekend, Sam Hunt claimed the race holeshot as did Sam Johns.
Big wheeler Sam Johns was off to a great start by was seen shortly after dropping it on a later corner.
Sam Hunt went on to take the moto win securing himself the unbeatable number one spot in the overall rankings.
Brogain Laity took six solid results too the runners up spot.
Whilst Daniel Back took third ahead of, Solomon Trevillion, Yann May.
Thomas Townrow took the final race win taking all six big wheel wins to first overall.
Charlie Long claimed second ahead of third placed Sam Gill.
Whilst Olly Hewitt claimed sixth.
Saturdays Junior 65cc action was fast and furious with two different riders taking victory’s over the first three races of the weekend.
The opening Junior race of the weekend saw some flat out action by the young riders.
All racers competed well doing there parents proud.
When the race came to its end, it was Lewis Wiltshire to take the opening moto win.
Jake Ware had a great ride from gate to flag finishing in the runners up position.
Bradley Taylor secured third ahead of, Luke Woolgrove, Tom Higman and Rhys Fraser.
Heated action was had in Junior moto two with some more top riding being on display by the young racers.
Taking the number one spot in the moto was Jake Ware winning the race respectively ahead of second placed, Bradley Taylor.
Another strong performance took Luke Woolgrove to third.
Whilst Tom Higman claimed fourth ahead of Kai Tucker and Rhys Fraser.
Whilst moto one winner Lewis Wiltshire was down the bottom  of the ranks after a nasty crash.
After a poor moto two Lewis Wiltshire gated to the line with shear determination to do as well as he did in the opening race.
Lewis Wiltshire raced his heart out till the very end of the moto taking first place!
Another strong ride secured second spot for Bradley Taylor, whilst Luke Woolgrove got the better of Tom Higman.
With fifth and sixth place  was claimed by the  Ware boys, Jake and Charlie.
The first Junior moto one sunday was off to a start with Lewis Wiltshire taking the holeshot.
Lewis Wiltshire remained out front for the whole of the race, but was shortly followed by chasing rider, Bradley Taylor who was having a great ride. Whilst Jake Ware was in battle against Tom Higman.
Lewis Wiltshire claimed sundays opening moto win ahead of well riding, Bradley Taylor.
The fifth moto of the weekend was underway with Jake Ware taking the race holeshot.
Lewis Wiltshire was on hot pursuit to pass off the start and went on to take the lead after the first lap.
Whilst Bradley Taylor put the pressure onto Tom Higman.
A mistake from Lewis Wiltshire saw Jake Ware re take the lead.
Riding at a great pace, Jake Ware went on to take the race win.
Lewis Wiltshire had a decent race but respectively had to settle for second.
Whilst Bradley Taylor took third ahead of Luke Woolgrove.
The final Junior race was exciting as all riders wanted to put themselves as high as possible in the overall rankings.
The race started off with Jake Ware taking the race holeshot.
Lewis Wiltshire was up well but was seen drop it in the far side of the track pushing him down to near last position.
Whilst Luke Woolgrove was seen having the best race of his weekend holding a solid second position.
In the later stages of the moto after taking a wide line at the bottom of the tracks bigger hill, Luke Woolgrove dropped himself out of second place handing the position over too Bradley Taylor.
Jake Ware took the moto six win securing first overall.
Bradley Taylor finished second place claiming second overall.
After a nasty crash on Saturday Lewis Wiltshire still finished a brilliant third overall.
Whilst after being disappointed with his fall in the last moto, Luke Woolgrove went home with smiles having secured himself a solid fourth overall.
Whilst Tom Higman and Charlie Ware also made it into the top six.
The Automatic racers showed some epic speeds on their little machines over the 2 day event.
After a fast race in the opening moto of the weekend, it was Bradley Way that past the flag first claiming the moto one win!
A great ride was had from gate to flag helping William Talbot to take the runners up position respectively. Whilst improving Jake Johns took third ahead of Leon WIlliams.
After a strong race win in moto one, Bradley Way was soon back out front again.
Bradley Way raced well once again, going on to take the race two win.
Another fast performance by Williams Talbot took him to second spot.
Whilst after a sixth result in moto one, Seb Rundle finished moto two in a much improved, third place.
Whilst Henry Life got the better off George Oakley and Leon Williams.
The results in moto three were similar to the second moto of the day.
With again Bradley Way taking the race win ahead of William Talbot, Seb Rundle, Henry Life, George Oakley and Jake Johns.
After some great riding on Saturday, the young riders did not disappoint to entertain the crowds on Sunday.
The opening race was off to a quick start with William Talbot claiming the holeshot.
After three wins on Saturday, Bradley Way was up front once again but was seen make a slight mistake in the early stages that allowed Talbot into a comfortable lead.
Standing out on the track the most though, was little Zac Gilbert who was seen take to the line on his Honda CRF50 at his first ever motocross event.
At the end of the moto William Talbot claimed the race win leaving Bradley Way to respectively take second.
George Oakley finished in a brilliant third place ahead of Jake Johns. Whilst Henry Life got the better of hard trying Leon Williams.
The weekends fifth Auto division moto was kick started with, William Talbot taking the holeshot with Bradley Way in check.
A mistake from Talbot later handed the lead over to Bradley Way who took over the lead in a sensible style.
Whilst Jake Johns defended his mid pack position.
At the end of the moto it was Bradley Way the claimed the race win.
Seb Rundle had a great ride and took second place. Whilst after leading at the beginning stages, William Talbot took third.
After five fast races, the gates were soon dropping for the sixth and final Auto race of the weekend.
After the gates dropped Bradley Way tore up the start straight claiming the race holeshot and early advantages.
Bradley Way was holding a great pace, and with keeping away from mistakes, Way extended a decent lead.
When the finish flag flew it was Bradley Way to take the win, securing overall victory.
William Talbot had a great weekends riding, resulting in a strong second overall.
Whilst just one point separated third and  fourth placed riders, Seb Rundle and Henry Life.
Whilst after tackling the course well at his first ever motocross event, Zac Gilbert was cheered by the crowd like a winner after a great effort on his CRF50.
The weekends schedule also had some Quad racing in the mix.
A very small turn out of three hardcore class riders attended the meeting over the two days.
And an epic display of quad racing action was displayed by the three riders.
Five races took place over the weekend for the class, the first moto of the weekend was underway with Richard Abbott claiming the holeshot.
Richard was on fire abroad his quad lapping the track at high speeds up front.
Whilst just coming short of Richard Abbots set pace, Toby Thipthorp battled with Darren Hunt.
Richard Abbot secured the moto one win ahead of, Darren Hurt that got the better of Thipthorp.
The quad division second moto again saw Richard Abbot in the lead and again take the race win.
Darren Hurt again got the better of Toby Thipthorp who respectively finished in third.
The third and final race for Saturdays quad racing, was won by Darren Hurt ahead of Toby Thipthorp.
Two races were had on Sunday for the Quad class, Richard Abbot secured the first moto win! Again followed by Darren Hurt and Toby Thipthorp.
But in the final race of the weekend, after several third places, Toby Thipthorp up’d his game to go on and take the final quad race win! Richard Abbot claimed second with Darren Hurt claiming third.
Darren Hurt took overall victory ahead of runner up spot, Toby Thipthorp.
Whilst Despite taking the most race wins, Richard Abbot finished third after his no score result  on Saturday.
Written By: Charlene Vernon

MX Vice Editor || 25

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