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Team VMXMOTO.COM KTM’s Michael Mahon #113 headed across the water last Saturday for Maxxis British Championship on Sunday in Foxhills.

Michael has an uphill battle at the moment as he is just coming back from a broken collar bone and also having a battle with a recent illness.

Good weather and good track was the order of the day which inspired him even more.

Michael went out and started strong and started to get to grips with the track during free practice and when the board was held out for qualifying he put in some steady laps which gave him 32nd gate pick for the races.

Race 1.. He got a good start and was inside the top 10 around the first turn and 4 laps into the race his chain snapped and forced him out of the race.

Race 2.. He got a decent start and rode a steady race with a few little gremlins but still managed to finish 24th.

Michael Mahon #113

“Today wasn’t a great day for me, I haven’t being back on the bike long since I got injured and it was my first time riding that track. I couldn’t really get comfortable on it in qualifying. In the first race I really concentrated on getting a good start which I did but unfortunately my chain snapped just four laps in. In race 2 I got an ok start and tried to get the tow from a couple of faster riders but after not getting to do the first race I pumped up a little and eventually ended up dropping back a bit. I have three weeks to the next round in Desertmartin so I will work hard between now and then to get a better result”

Words:  Bignoel Motocross PR.
Photo: Planet Advanced Racing Suspension.


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