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Viewpoint: Evgeny Bobryshev

Evgeny Bobryshev has had a turbulent start to the year, but seems to be making progress with the BOS GP team. Further improvements are expected in the coming weeks, as Bobryshev exclusively revealed in this MX Vice interview, so he should begin to edge closer to the top five and charge towards the British title. This interview was originally posted as a post-race podcast.

MX Vice: Good rides today. You obviously might be the fastest rider in the class. We saw that in the second moto, but you did not win the overall. I guess that is what you came here to do.

Evgeny Bobryshev: Yeah, for sure. I had some troubles in the first race. I did not get a good jump and I was in a mess in the first corner, so I was just down to tenth place on the first lap. I was doing my best to come through, but I just finished fourth. For sure I was not happy, but I did the maximum I could do in that race. I was looking forward for the second race to get a better start, which I have not done the best start anyway, but I was top seven. I had good battle with the guys.


Evgeny Bobryshev is expecting help from Suzuki Japan soon.

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On the fourth lap I went down. I went off the jump and then I crashed. Luckily my bike was running, so I could keep the clutch in and get on the track again. For me, the main thing was staying on two wheels and finding a good line. I had some good spots on the track where I gained lots of seconds and then I just got the lead and kept it until the end. I got second overall. I am happy, end of the day. We still have Canada Heights in a few weeks, so hope for the better weather and more flow to keep it more wide open.

I am guessing today was quite good for you, because obviously you had to push all day, which is good practice for MXGP. If you had taken two holeshots, chances are you would have won with a nice gap and you would have just been alone all day.

That is right. For sure I was one hundred percent concentrated and pushing my physical condition until the end. Like you said, it was good practice really. Still I need to get to another level with my confidence and everything. We started everything late, as you know, with the bike preparation, but all the team works hard. We will get another session soon and then for me it will be easy to be up front in the world championship.

You have not been to one of these events in seven years or something so, coming here today, is everything just as you remember? Is anything different to how you remember or changed at all for the better or worse? Anything at all?

No. For sure times change, but I am quite happy to race here. I had a good memory in the past. I like England. Not the weather, but I like the people. I like England. I love to race here. It is a good event always. I am enjoying the time. It is a one-day race, which makes everything quick and easy. It is quite the same.

You are obviously not with the BOS team here, so how different is y our bike compared to the one you will be racing in Trentino next weekend? Are there the same parts, settings and all of that? I was just looking at it and I could not see any BOS logos, so is that the same?

No, there are logos from BOS. I am riding full BOS chassis and suspension. I am not riding another brand of the suspension. It is just a different plastic colour and different sponsors as I am doing this. I have separate contracts. The teams work together. We have made a deal with the different sponsors, but BOS are still involved. I am just on another colour here.

I know you have mentioned that you want more power out of the Suzuki. Is that the main thing that you want to improve moving forward? Not being on a factory team, I guess testing is a little harder. Do you have any plans to make that happen?

Yeah. We are still working on it. The BOS team are really pushing hard to get a good engine, so hopefully we will soon get help from Suzuki Japan. We need to find more power in the bike, as in Spain I was riding just a stock bike, standard engine, which was really hard for me to battle and make good starts. But the main thing is every weekend I am doing my best, but the team also tries to get it. It is not so easy to get what I want. I need more power and more torque. The main thing, the team works to supply these things. I hope in a few weeks or coming GPs we will get this power.


The moto win at Culham was his twelfth in the Maxxis British Championship.

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Have people at BOS been in contact with Suzuki Japan then? Does it look like stuff is going to happen there and you are going to have a better package moving forward?

Yeah, for sure they are keeping in contact. Everything is just delayed. It is normal. I understand. Hopefully we will get as soon as possible.

Do you think you can get some of the old factory parts from last year? Obviously [Kevin] Strijbos and [Arminas] Jasikonis were riding the same bike, so I guess they have got that stuff lying around that you might be able to pick up.

That I am not sure. That has to be Japan decide. I am not sure what is going to happen now. For sure, like I said, they are all in contact. I am hoping everything will move forward soon.

Obviously this is very different compared to being on HRC last year. Are you happy? Are you still enjoying it?

I have good people around, which makes my hard work easy. For sure it is more difficult mentally, because I want results. I am working hard to get the results, but it is difficult when you do not have enough parts, materials and everything is delayed. I just have to do my job. For sure when the team finds the good bike setting, then I would be up front there. That is all the hard job will paid off. Now it is hard days. In Spain I was really frustrated. I do not want to fight in twelfth place. I want to be top seven – that is my goal – and more up front, but not around twelfth place. It has been hard for me.

I guess it is a thing whereas last year on HRC if you had finished ninth in a moto, you would have gone back to the truck and been really mad. Whereas this year at the moment at least you have to sit on the line and accept that if you finish eighth or ninth, then that is a positive step in the right direction and good for the package you are dealing with at the moment.

Yeah – that is right. I have to just get through this. For sure it is difficult for me mentally, but that is like you said. I just sit down and get through this and accept what it is. Just get my job done and then do my best weekend. For sure, the main thing for me is that everyone works hard. For sure will be different story in coming races when we get all the base right, then I’ll be there. I’ll for sure be happier. That will give me way more confidence for this.

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