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Viewpoint: Evgeny Bobryshev

Evgeny Bobryshev has attracted some new supporters over the last couple of months, as most have backed him in his quest to find a deal for the FIM Motocross World Championship. The fight is over now, however, as Bobryshev will pilot a Suzuki for the BOS GP team at all nineteen events. It is going to be an extremely busy year for the former Grand Prix winner.

MX Vice: Big news this week, as you finally sorted out a deal with BOS and are back in MXGP. How did that all come together in the end? 

Evgeny Bobryshev: Yeah, we were chatting with BOS from December. The deal did not go through, you know, because we could not make it right. He gave me a call last week though. We sorted out the papers and made the contract right. He had his problems with [Benoit] Paturel and we kept in touch the whole time anyway, so he called me and we spoke. We sat down, put it all together and we made a deal.

I know there was a problem with getting the deal done the first time around. Is that not an issue now or did you just move past it?

Yeah, I think it was really early for him. They were just starting a new team, so we could not make some terms together. Lately, with everything that has happened, he found a way to do it all and put together the deal. It was much, much easier this time.


Evgeny Bobryshev has finally landed a contract in MXGP.

Honda Racing Corporation

You will obviously be riding a Suzuki with BOS, which makes sense since you will be on one in Britain too. Did you even think about riding another bike in MXGP?

No, because I am riding for Lombard Express Suzuki with Neil. I have been with Neil and Suzuki since the beginning of the year and have been testing since December, so I have been getting on well with it. It is better to keep riding the same bike and not change. For Lombard Express I’ll be racing the AX World Tour and British, then I will be on BOS in MXGP.

You will be the best Suzuki rider in MXGP this year, there is no doubt about that, so are you hoping to get any trick bits or extra support from the manufacturer?

No, it is not like this. I have never thought about that. With Neil, we get support from Suzuki UK and Neil knows the bike really well. He has been working with Suzuki for the past couple of years, so for him it is easy to build a good bike and find a good setting for me. It was just much easier for me to use Suzuki. When I tried it I was feeling comfortable, so we are now going ahead with the testing to give me more confidence. Little by little, we are changing things for the outdoors.

Are you just racing the British AX World Tour rounds? I know that the penultimate round clashes with Argentina, so you will obviously have to skip that, and the final race in Germany is the night before Lyng. Will you race there and then fly to Lyng overnight?

I am racing in Germany. It is just Belgium, which is on the same day as Argentina, that I will have to miss. I am doing the last one in Dusseldorf though. I know it will be a bit tough, but I am okay. It is no problem and I will do it. The season will be long for me, with a lot of races, but I am enjoying it and it is not a problem for me.


Bobryshev is sat in tenth in the AX World Tour standings.

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Seeing as you have to skip the Belgian round, was it difficult to do the deal with BOS? Were RFX Suzuki happy to let you miss a race?

You know, we had a chat with RaceFX and they agreed. It is okay for them, as I belong in MXGP and they are happy that I signed a deal to do it. They are really, really nice people there and understand everything well.

How is it all going to work? You are going to have to cram in quite a lot of testing before Argentina, but then have to race in arenas at the weekends. How are you going to find the right mix to do both? 

I am quite happy with my settings at the moment. Arenacross is nothing like supercross, so you only have to change a little bit to go indoors. I do not have a lot of changes to make on the bike. The suspension works the same outdoors as it does indoors, because those arenacross tracks are quite small. The whoops are not as big either. It is not a problem riding with outdoor suspension there. I will go to Spain, where there is good weather and tracks, to do some testing between the arenacross rounds. I am missing some time on the bike, because December was just crazy for me. I am now going to try to catch up with everything.

What about the AX World Tour? Are you happy with how everything has gone so far? It seemed like you improved a lot over the weekend.

I was not really happy about the first race, because I did not qualify. It was the first arenacross race that I have done since 2010, so I was not really ready. I was not happy. We worked hard with Neil in the week to improve the settings and confidence. The second round was much better and I made some good improvements. The races are short with a lot of intensity and those guys are good at it.


Bobryshev ended up eleventh in the MXGP class last season.

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Do you think you can win one of these before the season ends? There are obviously a lot of races left to run.

Yeah, for sure. I am racing and I want to win, for sure, so I am doing everything for this. I just have to stay on two wheels, as it is kind of a dodgy race. Not dodgy, but you have to have a lot of concentration. I need to be safer. When I feel really strong and confident, it is not going to be a problem. I just need to get a good start, because it is difficult to come through there.

You will want to be British champion this year, but what are your goals for MXGP? You are starting late and not on a factory team anymore, so do you think that you can still finish on the podium?

I am looking for podiums. I am working for the best results that I can do. I will try to make the best of it, as I have good people around me. Neil is really helping me a lot. I have only been working with the BOS guys for a few weeks, but they seem like nice people. We will try to make it the best it can possibly be and try to get on the podium, then look for a win. It is hard to say, as the competition is so strong, but my goal will stay the same.

Finally, is it true that HRC contacted you to fill-in for Brian Bogers? If so, did you come close to accepting that deal?

Not really close, but I did have a call. It is a bit difficult. I had a call, but it was just to be a replacement. I would not have been able to continue once Bogers comes back, no matter what results I was getting, so I did not really want this. I want to do a full year and work hard to get good results. I am still motivated. The deal did not happen with some other little things over there. It was good to receive a call from HRC anyway, because I worked with them for so many years and have good memories.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

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