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Vice Voice-Box: Roczen vs. Tomac

Welcome to 2014! Seeing as we are now in a new year, with a new season just days away, we decided to introduce some new weekly features. Obviously, we all love bench-racing, so we thought we would give you a platform to do just that! Each week, we will be posting a question on our various social media accounts (@motocrossvice on Twitter) for you, the fans. We will then post the best, most detailed answers in our ‘Vice Voice-Box’ column!

This week, we asked who you thought would finish better in the 2014 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series, Eli Tomac or Ken Roczen. So, without further ado, here were some of the best answers.

Jason Meara (Facebook): Roczen will be faster this year, as his style suits the 450 a lot better than Tomac. Tomac rides a bike very hard, which won’t be easily done on a big bike, whereas Roczen rides it very smoothly and doesn’t rev the engine a lot, which will mean less mistakes.

Glenn Linnet (Facebook): Tomac has more work ethic then anyone out there, he takes after his dad. But, Roczen has more talent – you put the two together and you have a battle.

Gibb Gavin (@G1BS_G1VNR): Tomac, because his program is solid and proven; he doesn’t wear out as the season goes on, and he only worries about himself.

Charles Hankin (Facebook): I think Eli , because of the simple fact that he has kept his head down and shows amazing speed when he is focused. Roczen is the faster of the two, but his head always seems to be doing other stuff; he almost seems too relaxed with his speed. Long story short they will both be bar to bar and nothing will separate them from the others. 2014 will be one of the most stacked, epic seasons to date – we hope. No injuries, close racing and multiple championship contenders!

James Dunford (Facebook): As much as I would like to say Roczen, I feel Tomac will have the edge. With Kenny only recently switching to Aldon [Baker], and having an injury, I just don’t feel he’s going to have the pace. Having said that, Eli struggled last time he was on the 450 – time will tell!

Richard Hemmings (@hemmings318): Roczen will have the edge this season, he beat Tomac at the Motocross des Nations, which was a statement, plus he is training with Aldon Baker #KR94.

Adam Keefe (Facebook): I reckon Ken will start off well and be consistent all season, whereas Eli will start off poor but improve rapidly by the second half of the season.

Gary Campbell (Facebook): I think Tomac will consistently do better over the course of a season. Roczen might have a few races of sheer brilliance and better results than Tomac, but I feel his style on a 450 will see him crash more than Tomac, who looks stronger and more comfortable on one.

Stephen Wade (Facebook): Roczen, for two reasons. Firstly, in the handful of times both have ridden 450 as wildcards, Roczen has out performed Tomac. Secondly, Roczen is training with Aldon Baker, whichs shows he is willing to change his program to be successful – Aldon Baker is a champion maker!

Craig Marsden (Facebook): I think Roczen’s style will suit the bigger bike better, as he is alot smoother. Tomac’s too aggressive – he needs to mellow out a bit like [Justin] Barcia has done this year.

Shane Millward (Facebook): I think Roczen will be stronger than Eli and have the edge on him, as long as the KTM doesn’t have any problems like [Ryan] Dungey’s bike did last year!

Well, there you have it! Everyone above is quite split, it seems, as a lot of people have said Roczen, but there are a lot of people on the Tomac bandwagon too. The 2014 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series is going to be great for that reason – no one knows what is going to happen! Remember to stay tuned to our various social media accounts for next week’s question!

Words: Lewis Phillips

Image: KTM Images/Simon Cudby

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