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Vice Voice-Box: James Stewart

James Stewart has seemingly had the speed to contend for race victories thus far in the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross series. However, he has encountered various problems (crashes, sickness etc.) which have hindered his performance. Unfortunately, James is already very far down in the series standings, so, with this in mind, we asked you, the fans, this question for the ‘Vice Voice-Box’ column this week:

Question: Can James Stewart stop crashing, and get back into the 450SX title hunt?

Jordan Lilley (Facebook): I believe he can. I feel it will be at A2 when he takes the W. A1 we saw a fitter & fast JS7 which was his best form he’s been in years, in my opinion, but he made a mistake, which wasn’t him over riding for once.

But Phoenix was a odd round, no one looked that much faster than the next man. Even RV didn’t look that much faster than Brayton. James didn’t look amazing at Phoenix, but I’ll put it down to the track his off performance at Phoenix. But one thing for sure he needs to get his starts, for someone who we know can generally pull a good start for the past few years his starts have been inconsistent. 

Back to Stewart’s fitness, he does look more cut that years past, like a boxer right before a title fight, more like RV & Roczen in terms of fighting fit. It looks like things with Aldon worked but were not for him, So it looks like James & Pablo Toribio have found what works for JS7. James is more on it in terms of speed, in practice he is setting good  lap times, in the heats he is there. Just needs to get his mains sorted, back tracking to what I said, he needs those starts & to focus on RV.

Ben Bradley (Facebook): Bubba is spent, best is behind him, just bad starts and slower riders making him look great.

Shane Millward (Facebook): Stewart has been a heavy crasher his whole career, both in supercross and outdoors. With his balls out fearless style, and season long duels with the likes of Reed and Villopoto, where he has often come unstuck, the answer is surely no, he will never be a title challenger again. For sure he can be the fastest rider on the planet on his day, but he is also wreckless and rides over the edge. With the depth of riders out there currently, you have to be at the sharp end in just about every race, which he has shown over the last four seasons he can’t be. James couldn’t have started the 2014 season any worse other than failing to make it to the main; his performance in Phoenix was average, even if he claims he was feeling unwell. I doubt he will carry the red plate in 2014, if ever again, and he certainly won’t win another supercross title!

Phil G (@MastersMX2013): No, because his success is because of how he rides, and when he is on it, he crashes. So, JS7 is not a title threat not on the bike.

Fabio Ferrario (@ferroMX): Yes, I do.

Michael Baker (Facebook): James Stewart has always been the type of person that  would either win it or bin it. I also think that he’s getting a bit bored now, seeing as he has been around for quite a while. For example, when RC was there, JS7 was always trying to catch and race him. The fame has gone to his head, for example, he always attends parties. Whereas, Dungey lives a quiet life, and just minds his own business. Don’t get me wrong, it would be awesome to see him win, but i think he needs to calm down, slow down and concentrate in order to succeed.

Words: Lewis Phillips

Image: James Lissimore

Obviously, we all love bench-racing, so we thought we would give you a platform to do just that! Each week, we will be posting a question on our various social media accounts (@motocrossvice on Twitter) for you, the fans. We will then post the best, most detailed answers in our ‘Vice Voice-Box’ column!

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