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Vice Voice-Box: Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson had a difficult time at Anaheim 1, as he was dealing with the affects of a crash that he had on January 1st. So, he was not one-hundred percent, which obviously hindered his performance. Although Dean should be much better this weekend, it is unknown when he is going to be on top form again. So with this in mind, we asked you, the fans, this question for the ‘Vice Voice-Box’ this week.

Question: Can Dean Wilson rebound and win the 2014 250SX West title, or are [Jason] Anderson, [Cole] Seely and [Zach] Osborne too strong?

James Dunford (Facebook): Interesting question. Dean [Wilson] didn’t really look that quick all night, if we’re all being 100% honest. Mookie looked strong, Anderson looked good (if not over aggressive) and Seely rode super well, but Deano lacked in pace. I know he was injured, but he didn’t seem to have the fire of a 2011 Dean Wilson. Having said that, the field doesn’t seem all that deep – Seely will be in with a shot if all goes to plan (and if Anderson doesn’t try to destroy him each weekend). So, consistency could win it. Osborne looked good, and Webb also had a good race – but they didn’t stand out for me.

Michael Lawson (Facebook): Yes, Deano can bounce back and win it. Don’t forget he has been out for a while – he can do it. Scottish brave-heart!

Gary Campbell (Facebook): I think that he needs to win within the next two races. If he doesn’t, I feel his head might go. Seely looked unbelievably smooth and in control, and Anderson was balls out! It’s shaping up to be one hell of a season! I hope Deano can do it!

Jason Martin (Facebook): It’s only round one, and it’s a long season. Wilson has what it takes; to be fair, it was his first race back after injury – it was a good performance.

Chris Cameron (@littlechriscam): I think the 250SX class is a tough one to call after last night [Saturday]. Anderson, Wilson, Seely and Osborne all looked on it!

Stuart Summers (@bummers1986): Dean needs to do some homework and get a second a lap to run with Anderson and Seely. Maybe he was just sore from his midweek digger.

Raivis Trecaks (Facebook): After watching the 250SX class at A1, I think there are four contenders for the title. Anderson was very smooth, same as Seely. Wilson didn’t get a good start, but he was pushing a lot. It is hard to predict who is going to take the number one spot as supercross continues. I think we will se a great battle between them, and Malcom Stewart will creep into picture too.

Mark Lewis (@AlanMarkLewis): I think he will, but it will not be easy though. Osborne was on it, but he has experience winning. When he [Wilson] is fully fit, he will win again.

Mike Gilboy (@MikeGilboy17): Hopefully he will have a good week, come back healthy next week and show them what he is made of. Good to get some race time.

Words: Lewis Phillips

Image: James Lissimore []

Obviously, we all love bench-racing, so we thought we would give you a platform to do just that! Each week, we will be posting a question on our various social media accounts (@motocrossvice on Twitter) for you, the fans. We will then post the best, most detailed answers in our ‘Vice Voice-Box’ column! 

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