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Vice Voice Box: Chad Reed

Although most fans would have predicted that Chad Reed was going to be much better this year, I am certain that no one thought that after four rounds, he would have won one race and be sat in second in the series standings. But, Chad really does look great out there at the moment, although his one bad round in Phoenix is worrying. Anyway, we decided to find out what all of you think about Chad Reed, by asking you this question for this edition of the ‘Vice Voice Box’.

Question: Chad Reed is currently second in the 450SX series standings. Can Chad challenge for the championship?

Ryan Gee (Facebook): His consistency will mean that he will be in there right until the end. If he keeps picking up podiums like he is doing at the minute, he has a real chance. The competitive nature of the class will mean that lots of people are going to be dropping points. History would suggest that it takes Reed six or seven races to really get to his best. If he can get there, and he can build some confidence, then he will have a real chance of winning the title. Villopoto is still the man to beat, and it will take someone with real consistency and speed to beat him.

Jordan Lilley (Facebook): His consistency is there, he can win and in some fashion as well. He’s only bound to get fitter as well, as pointed out by a certain British rider, he’s looking a little like “Chunky Chad” at the moment, but is that only really compared to the sport’s super ripped, fighting weight rider, Stewart, Villopoto and Roczen? But, he is looking really comfortable apart from that one off round at Phoenix, but as off rounds go, it was a good one.

But if he keeps consistent, if he keeps aggressive (like we need to ask if he will) and if he keeps pressure on RV, who is the main threat, [he will be a contender]. I’ve said this before, RV will crumble if pressured and battled with; we’ve seen that this year. You can’t allow him to get the start & get a clear track because he will bolt quicker than stallion out the gate.

Gary Sharp (@GarySharp181): Simple answer, yes! @CRtwotwo (Chad Reed) is solid this year.

Stefan Pratt (Facebook): [It] all depends on RV. If he’s fit all season, I think it’s his again.

Rosie Connell (Facebook): He’s picked up some podiums now. In his head, it’s achievable, he can win and that’s gonna be whippin’ him round the track just as much as any of the other riders’ physical fitness. This also works on his opponents too, they can see he’s getting his groove back, and that’s gonna psych them out – making it anyone’s game! I think some of the bigger lads make great riders, as long as their endurance is there. De Dycker is practically the ‘BFG’ and can really do some damage on the track when his head is there. I’d really like to see Reed take it! PS. Or [Ryan] Dungey, obviously!

David Ian Jenkins (Facebook): He knows how to win a championship, and this year it’s wide open. So, yes, of course he can.

Steve Douglas (Facebook): Definitely, he has the consistency to challenge, but he will need more wins.

Words: Lewis Phillips

Image: James Lissimore

Obviously, we all love bench-racing, so we thought we would give you a platform to do just that! Each week, we will be posting a question on our various social media accounts (@motocrossvice on Twitter) for you, the fans. We will then post the best, most detailed answers in our ‘Vice Voice-Box’ column!

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