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Vice Voice Box: Alessi vs. Tickle

At the recent Atlanta supercross, there was a lot of action in both classes. However, all of that was overshadowed by the aggressive move that Mike Alessi put on Broc Tickle in the 450SX heat race. Many, many people have offered up their thoughts on the incident, so we collected the fans thoughts by asking this question for the Vice Voice Box this week!

Question: What did you think of Alessi’s move on Tickle? Could it have been an accident? Should Mike have been fined more?

Jordan Lilley (@JLiL101): Fined? No. Banned? Yes! How many more “mistakes” can the Alessi clan make, and it’s all ok if money is paid?

Daniel Magdaleno (@Makx): Being a sponsor myself in Spain, I demand a strong personal ethic from my riders and no dirty riding, as they’re our image! It’s  an embarrassing move to see; that’s not racing. Not only should he be fined, but kicked out of series. What about his sponsors?

Mark Rothwell (Facebook): There’s a difference between aggressive racing and a deliberate intentional take out – the sport is dangerous enough as it is without brainless riders on track. Mike should be banned like his brother.

Matthew Hall (Facebook): [Justin] Barcia’s was worse – that was just stupid. The Alessi move was just a love tap.

Kevin Gillin (Facebook): I’ve met both Mike and his Dad, and both seemed nice guys to me. All the haters do make me laugh a little. Alessi is a pretty good rider for sure. If they were in the UK they would win, for sure.

Nicky Mimikos (Facebook): You know it looked intentional, but I know Mike and he is a good kid. As you know, Tony (his dad) has always been hard on Mike and Jeff. But, with saying that, I think Mike got caught up, and while in the heat of the moment, Mike came in hard and hit Broc.

Overall, Mike doesn’t have a vindictive attitude, and sometimes when you’re racing sh*t happens. In my forty-one years of racing, I have made mistakes, as well as so many others. I like the Alessi’s and people have been hard on Tony for some of his unorthodox methods toward managing Mike. No fine would be appropriate, unless he does it again, but I’m sure Mike would never get caught up in a situation like that again. We all make mistakes.

Nick Douglas (Facebook): What makes humans unique is impulse, we will never know why he did what he did, only he can explain it. What is obvious is his family and himself are never far away from controversy, which is the main talking point. What should get more recognition is the fact that his moment of impulse could have seriously injured the other rider. A one race suspension would have been better justice, in my opinion.

Ryan Hooper (Facebook): Very immature and extremely unprofessional, he could have broke the poor bloke’s knee. Get rid of him – it’s not the first time he’s been a problem to the AMA.

Obviously, we all love bench-racing, so we thought we would give you a platform to do just that! Each week, we will be posting a question on our various social media accounts (@motocrossvice on Twitter) for you, the fans. We will then post the best, most detailed answers in our ‘Vice Voice-Box’ column!

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