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Vice Poll: Chad Reed

Chad Reed’s career as a full-time racer is now complete, believe it or not. Just typing those words seems so surreal. Seeing as he is calling it a day, a lot of people have been reflecting on everything that he achieved in his career and some of the highlights. Which year sticks out in your mind though? There are a lot to consider, but vote in the MX Vice poll below and join the epic conversation on social media.

Could it be 2003, when he jumped into the premier division and immediately challenged Ricky Carmichael for the title? What about when he clinched his first premier-class title in 2004? Even the years where he did not clinch a title, like 2005 or 2006, are favourites for some, as people reflect on the breathtaking battles with fondness. Even 2012 is a strong candidate, despite the fact that he crashed out at the seventh race.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Feld Entertainment

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