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Vampires Rock at Fatcats

Report: Jemma Lavender
Photos: Jemma Mx Photos

Fatcat Moto Parc was the venue for round 1 of cjmx winter series where 130+ riders turned up to a well prepared track.

First out was the autos where Jack Grayshon dominated by winning all three races closely followed by 2nd place Ben Clarke and 3rd place Joe Ross.

Next group out were the juniors James Hanscomb took the first two race wins with Brogan Johnson 2nd place overall grabbing the last race win of the day, 3rd place Lewis Hall.

Next on the line were the small wheels where Moto-One KTM rider Keenan Hird took 1st place overall followed by 2nd place Dexter Douglas, 3rd place James Mcfadden, JC Verdugo also did really well getting 4th place.

Vampires Rock Ktm took the top two positions with William Keogh in 1st place and Scooter Webster in 2nd place. 3rd place Jordan Eccles was trying so hard to catch the top two but couldnt match their pace.

Matthew Callaghan took all the race wins in the seniors followed by 2nd place Scott Aldridge, 3rd place Sam Wragg.

In the AMX 1st place went to Eddie Briscoe who took all the race wins of the day, 2nd place was Jordan Wright and 3rd place Jake Lord.

Last out on the day were the open class with the biggest entry of the day many top riders entered, Matthew Moffat was on a misson and took all three race wins in fine style, followed by Dan Thornhill in 2nd place and 3rd place Scott Bates who did extremely well as its his first race since his horrific leg accident at Foxhills. .

Everyone would like to wish a speedy recovery to Bryn Clarke and Curtis Blamey.

The 2nd round will be at weedon on the 29th january.

Auto’s: 1 Jack Grayshon, 2 Ben Clarke, 3 Joe Ross, 4 Charlie Palmer, 5 Jude Mckenzie, 6 Tyler Etheridge.

Juniors: 1 James Hanscomb, 2 Brogan Johnson, 3 Lewis Hall, 4 Danny Clarke, 5 James Hyatt, 6 Dan Fisher.

Small Wheels: 1 Keenan Hird, 2 Dexter Douglas, 3 James Mcfadden, 4 JC Vergugo, 5 Howard Wainwright, 6 Jordan Hearn.

Big Wheels: 1 William Keogh, 2 Scooter Webster, 3 Jordan Eccles, 4 Ollie Benton, 5 Jack Camwell, 6 Mitch Warhust.

Seniors: 1 Matthew Callaghan, 2 Scott Aldridge, 3 Sam Wragg, 4 Danny Wright, 5 Ross Douglas, 6 Gareth Artus.

AMX: 1 Eddie Briscoe, 2 Jordan Wright, 3 Jake Lord, 4 Carl Hayward, 5 Thomas Brown, 6 Matthew Lavender.

Open: 1 Matthew Moffat, 2 Dan Thornhill, 3 Scott Bates, 4 Shaun Cole, 5 James Lassu, 6 Ryan Thornhill.


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