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Updates: Chad Reed

The 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season is rapidly winding down, which means Chad Reed’s career is as well. It has been well documented since November last year that Reed would hang up the boots at the end of the current term. This has not gone as planned though, and that has prompted rumours that he may even roll up to the starting line again when 2021 Monster Energy Supercross kicks off. Reed’s added fuel to the fire by revealing that he is indecisive on social media.

15 down, two to go. It’s going fast! Or will I just show up again, because this isn’t real racing anyway? #Indecisive. This whole experience is really weird, I’ve loved spending time with family and friends in Utah. What an amazing place to visit, but all things racing nothing’s even remotely similar for me. Reminds me of old-school practice days out at the factory test tracks in Cali with @TheRealRedDog @DV934 and a full YOT squad just add in a checkered flag? By the way DV would have many more fastest qualifiers and a few more wins. Reminds me I miss those days and my old teammates – learned so much from them.”

There was more to the post, as the video that accompanied that text (above) reveals that he does have a desire to show up to a race for fun and even try to qualify when he is 40 years of age.

If I was to ever come back and do one for fun, Anaheim would be one that I come back for. I am excited that this is it. I am really am. I don’t know why, but I have this pipe dream that it would be rad to try to qualify for a race at 40. I do not have to wait too long for that.

Reed has hit his stride a little at recent events, as he finished eleventh at SLC 4 and SLC 5. The key point is that there appears to be the potential to finish higher than that as he gets more accustomed to the KTM. Will Sunday mark the last time that he is seen on a supercross track? Who knows, at this point.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Feld Entertainment


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