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Updates: Cameron McAdoo

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Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki has had a torrid time of it with injuries this season – every single one of their riders has been hit with a health issue at some point. Even Darian Sanayei, a fill-in rider, had problems that stopped him from finishing his term with the squad. Cameron McAdoo’s out now too as an unfortunate encounter with a backmarker forced him to exit the penultimate round of 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross early. The latest on his injury was revealed in the following social media statement.

Dang it! Unfortunately, the last lap of moto one a lapped rider went down right in front of me. I was hit by his bike, which resulted in breaking three of my fingers on my right hand. The good news is that all bones are in place, and look to heal well with a couple weeks of rest! Thank you so much to my whole team and crew for sticking behind me. This is obviously not the way I wanted to end my season, but I’m very glad it is not worse and will heal well on its own! We will get rested up, and get back to work for next year.

McAdoo currently runs eighth in the 250MX championship standings, but will likely drop to tenth after the final event in Southern California this weekend. A fourth in the first moto at Loretta Lynn’s 2 was a season-best finish. It is thought that he’ll return to Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki in 2021.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Monster Energy


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