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Britain’s leading MXGP rider, RFX KTM’s Shaun Simpson, should be back on his 450 SX-F this week after breaking a bone in his right hand during the fourth round of the 2019 British Motocross Championship at Blaxhall.

The former Grand Prix winner was forced to miss Grands Prix in Russia and Latvia and will also sit out the German round of the MXGP series this coming weekend in order to make his tentative first steps on the motorcycle after fracturing the fifth metacarpal.




Simpson sustained the injury in a freak incident while continuing his bid for the national title.

I was heading down the start straight in the first moto and I was following some fencing on the inside of the first corner,” he recalls. “Tommy [Searle] looked like he had the holeshot and I was keeping the inside line to see if maybe he would run wide. Suddenly there was part of the fence that was jutting out a little bit and unexpectedly it walloped my handguard and into my hand and that’s what ultimately broke it. I steered into Tommy and he hit the guy next to him that created this domino effect.”

While in some discomfort Simpson was (remarkably) able to complete the rest of the meeting and finished in fourth overall. Scans afterwards confirmed his second hand break in two years after suffering what was a much worse breakage at the 2017 Grand Prix of Latvia.

Latvia was my third metacarpal and nearer the centre of the hand,” the 31 year old explains. “Even though it was plated it still took quite a while to recover from. This one is a bit different: it feels like it is healing faster. I feel like I could already be riding a mountain bike and it has only been ten days without too much pain or discomfort. I don’t want to go too fast and have a setback and mess with that four-six week period.”




The tenth round of MXGP at Teutschenthal this weekend comes too soon for #24 and the lengthy trip to Asia for the Indonesian back-to-back events this month is also unlikely. Simpson has his sights set on British competition first before considering Grand Prix.

I’m looking at the next British Championship in two weeks time at Desertmartin,” revealed the former champion who is just five points behind Searle in the standings. “That will be my first race back and I don’t think it will be of any benefit to then fly straight to Indonesia for the double-header: I won’t be on Grand Prix pace. So we will stay home and continue to ride and work on starts and motos. We’ll then look at Hawkstone Park – I absolutely love that track – after that we’ll be back into the last third of the GP calendar at 100% to finish the year off strong in MXGP. I think that will be best way to go about it and the smart decision.”




The furious rate of FIM World Championship and domestic dates means Simpson had precious little time to recover and regain confidence. It has meant some strategic – and difficult – choices.

I totally hate missing races and Grands Prix,” he says. “I was looking forward to Latvia and Germany and the Indonesian trip. It is my sixteenth season in Grands Prix and travelling is still such a cool part of the job. It’s a shame, but in the past I have made decisions about returning to race and I’ve come to regret them. I think we have a strong plan. I will be doing everything I can to be ready every day and it’s looking like I won’t be off the bike for too long.”

Simpson’s absence from Grand Prix has seen the Scot lose positions and slide to thirteenth in the standings and his original goal of a solid MXGP Championship finish on his return to the KTM brand that he won Grands Prix in 2015 and 2016 has now taken a hit. Aims in the British series and other objectives such as selection for the Motocross of Nations at Assen at the end of September (site of his ’16 MXGP win) means that Shaun remains enthusiastic to raise his level of performance once more. “This is a setback but it is not a disaster and I’m still highly motivated,” he says. “It is easy to feel down about injuries but now I feel very confident I will be back to where I need to be. I’m looking forward to taking that pace into the rest of the season and look to confirm things for 2020 also.”

Words: Adam Wheeler | Lead Image: ConwayMX


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