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Update: Davy Pootjes

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Davy Pootjes just cannot catch a break! The Dutchman, who secured his first podium in the MX2 division a year ago, crashed whilst training with the F&H Racing team in France and sustained a broken forearm. The impact of the crash was not even what caused the injury, it was the fact that the rear tyre chewed the arm up. Pootjes explained the incident in more detail in the social-media statement below.

Last Wednesday while training in France my rear wheel hit my arm quite bad, which resulted in a broken forearm. Got surgery in France the same day and the day after we transferred myself to Dr. T. Claes in Belgium where I now [have been] since Thursday.”

Pootjes is not piloting Austrian machinery for the first time in his professional career this term, but has not made his debut with the F&H Shop team (an offshoot of F&H Racing). It remains to be seen just how many races he is going to miss with his latest arm injury. This post will be updated as more news becomes available.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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