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Unveiled: KTM 50 SX Factory Edition

KTM make another big step forward.



Well, who would have thought? KTM have made another huge leap forward by releasing a Factory Edition 50 SX. Details on the new 2021 model are below.

Press Release

KTM’s FACTORY EDITION models are the result of years of designing and developing factory race machines for some of the fastest riders on the planet. Hard-fought victories, title chases, lessons and experiences have led to the creation of a FACTORY EDITION for the youngest shredders. This purebred race machine offers the same competitive advantage as found in the full-sized FACTORY EDITION bikes and is enhanced with a potent range of premium componentry.

Junior riders and racers that climb on the KTM 50 SX FACTORY EDITION can do so in the knowledge that they are experiencing class-leading performance with state-of-the-art WP Suspension, high-end brakes and minimal weight. The list of specifically selected performance features includes an FMF exhaust system, CNC machined aluminum ignition and clutch covers and high-performance Dunlop Geomax MX 53 tires.

Designed for a wide variety of terrain, the MX 53 tires feature Block-In-A-Block technology and provide enhanced grip and control to offer the best race setup found on the showroom floor. Topping all this off with refinements to the engine and jetting, while wrapping everything in special FACTORY EDITION graphics and a blue grippier seat, make the KTM 50 SX FACTORY EDITION the most READY TO RACE 50cc machine on the starting gate.

Technical Highlights

– Special FACTORY EDITION graphics

– FMF pipe

– FMF silencer

– Blue grippier seat

– Smaller rear sprocket

– CNC clutch cover

– CNC ignition cover

– Reworked jetting

– Special clutch configuration

– Gray grips

– New chain guide

– Dunlop Geomax MX 53 tires

This class-leading model was presented during opening ceremonies at the Loretta Lynn Ranch and while the future AMA National Champions have been preparing for a week-long battle at the nation’s largest amateur motocross event, the perfect backdrop to introduce KTM’s latest race-focused machine.

The new KTM 50 SX FACTORY EDITION will be available at authorized KTM dealers internationally from October 2020 onwards.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: KTM Images

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Product News

RENEN Slope/Reset MX gear review



RENEN was created in the early days of January 2021, not a long time ago in terms of a gear manufacturing company. But, with a guy like Pete Fox at the helm, it was always destined for big things.

The name RENEN originates from the German word “RENNEN” which means “race”. Pete liked the sound of that, decided to drop an “N” for aesthetics and there you have it. RENEN was born. Each piece of gear is carefully manufactured just outside Indianapolis, Indiana. This allows every piece of clothing to be overseen, right the way through the manufacturing process. Something they are very proud of.
All of their ranges are fully customisable with name and number on the back, as well as having the number on the shoulder too. The guys at RENEN were kind enough to put my name and number on the back as well as my number on the shoulders. For the custom name and numbers, it will cost you an additional $65 for all 3, but personally, I think it is worth every penny. This isn’t some shoddy shirt printing. They are sublimated into the material so there is no chance of it discolouring or it peeling off.
RENEN isn’t your typical gear company. They do not release a whole gear line every year, they do limited releases which are made to order. This allows them to release new colour ways whenever they see fit.

The first thing you notice when your gear is delivered is the presentation. It doesn’t turn up in a clear plastic bag, it arrives in a cardboard box with the RENEN logo printed on it. Inside the box, you have your invoice/receipt which again is in a custom RENEN envelope. Diving deeper into the box, the gloves come in a material bag, similar to that of a goggle bag. The jersey comes in a RENEN ziplock bag and pants wrapped in dark tissue paper with a RENEN sticker holding it together. It really is the little things that make the biggest difference. Just going that extra mile, makes receiving your gear a nice experience.
The gloves I received were the RENEN GC-2 strapless gloves, which I am a big fan of. The only downside I have found with strapless gloves is that the seam can tear around the strap band after a while, so it will be interesting to see what the durability is like on the gloves. So far though, they are incredibly comfortable. You can’t feel any of the seams and they sit tight to your palm, so no danger of them moving around whilst riding and causing blisters.
On to the pants. In terms of touch the material doesn’t feel overly spectacular. It feels durable but not necessarily high-performance. However, as soon as I started riding the jeans felt light and not restricting in the slightest. The full stretch rear panel takes up any slack around the back of the pants so that they have an even fit all around the waistband. They use a traditional zip and buckle system like most motocross pants and both seem very durable and strong.
On the inside of the pants, RENEN has its own sweat-wicking DRYCYLE lining, which helps keep the moisture down and doesn’t rub and irritate your skin whilst riding. Overall, the pants are very comfortable and have a good tapered fit down the leg. They seem durable and also wash very well. Another point to add is that you do have the option of adding a butt patch. Something that you are not going to get with most gear brands.

Again, using their DRYCYCLE fabrics, the jersey is well-ventilated and a comfortable fit. The jerseys are available in both standard fabric and ventilated mesh. Being from England I opted for the standard fabric which still offered plenty of ventilation. Fully sublimated graphics, names, and numbers really make you feel like a factory rider. It doesn’t get much tricker than a sublimated jersey.
During the off-season heading into 2024. RENEN signed the Triumph America team, with Jalek Swoll, Evan Ferry, and Joey Savatgy. But possibly their biggest rider to date, they signed MXGP podium regular Jeremy Seewer. With all eyes on the new manufacturer in AMA Supercross, and Seewer at the front of MXGP, I fully expect to see RENEN a lot more throughout the paddock at more local and amateur races.
Another thing worth noting is that RENEN offers odd sizes in their gear. So if you’re floating between a 32” and 34”, no need for a diet you can order your jeans in a 33” waist. They are the only gear manufacturer that offers this and is a unique selling point for the brand.

Overall, the gear ticks all the boxes that you would expect. As well as ticking a few extras such as nice packaging, sublimation, and odd sizes. RENEN is certainly raising the bar for all other gear companies to follow.

Tested and written by Brad Wheeler

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Tested: 5 modifications I like to make to my YZ450F before going racing

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MX Vice’s Tester, Brad Wheeler, Shares His Thoughts

Since picking up my YZ450F back in November I have been waiting under bated breath for the chance to race it. Practicing is all well and good, but nothing gets the blood pumping more than lining up at the start with 39 other racers.

Words: Brad Wheeler | Lead Image: Supplied

The lack of racing got me thinking, what are some of the things that I would like to do to the bike before I go to my first race on the BluCru. I have logged around 10-15 hours on the bike now and feel I have established a solid base setting and something I can build on moving forward. With that being said here are 5 modifications I will be making before my first race, which is looking like early March time.

I wasn’t going to do these in any particular order but I think it will be more beneficial for you all if I go from most important to least important, in my opinion.  

1) A genuine Yamaha holeshot device:

More often than not if you look down the starting line at any level of racing you will see bikes with a holeshot device. The point of the device is to preload the front fork. This does several things. It makes the bike lower to the ground, meaning you have a lower centre of mass and more control getting off the line. Secondly, it allows you to get more weight over the front of the bike, meaning you can hit the power harder and not have to worry as much about going into a wheelie. Finally, it also increases balance. Being lower to the ground you can touch the floor more comfortably. 

I have used several different brands in my time, from cheaper to more expensive and I have found that if the OEM makes their own, that is the way to go. In this instance, the Yamaha one is easy to install and simple to use. The clamp opens right up so no need to remove the fork leg. It also has a big button making it easy to engage if you are trying to set your own device. In my opinion, if you are serious about racing, a holeshot device is an absolute must.

TIP: The buttons can work themselves loose over time on any brand of device so be sure to check them regularly.  

2) ProGrip 799 ultra soft grips: 

It’s no secret that Japanese standard grips are not built with comfort in mind. They will most likely outlast any aftermarket grip on the market, but I’m looking for a bit more out of my grip. 

If you’re doing qualifying and 5 motos over the course of a weekend you’re looking at around 120-150 minutes of riding. That’s a lot of holding on. So I want a grip that is kind to my hands and also makes it easier to hold on.

Step forward Pro Grip 799 ultra soft. I have used this grip for as long as I can remember, all the way back to 50cc days. The grip is incredibly comfy and almost moulds to the shape of your hand. Don’t get me wrong, one little slide off and you can kiss the end of the grip goodbye, but that is the price you sometimes have to pay to have a comfier ride. Rather than spending thousands on suspension, try a softer grip first. You’d be amazed at the difference it can make.

3) GYTR factory racing seat cover: 

For me, this really only applies to 450s. My Yamaha 450 is a rocket ship and pulls like an express train. This is great when my arms are fresh and I can hold myself forward, but as fatigue sets in, the sheer torque of the motorcycle pushes me back towards the rear of the seat. 

The standard seat is relatively grippy and as stock seat covers go, is one of the better ones. However, the GYTR factor seat cover has 5 ribs up the seat which aid in keeping you up the front of the bike. The material of the cover itself is stickier than the stock seat cover.  

Other seat covers are available, GUTS does several different varieties of gripper seats but the GYTR is similar to the factory cover that Jago Geerts and Maxime Renaux use, and who doesn’t want to look factory?  

4) Raptor RME013 edge titanium footpegs: 

Footpegs can often be something that people overlook. They’re one of the points of contact between yourself and your machine yet get neglected. Standard footpegs have come a long way from the breadsticks they used to stand on back in the 80s. Even so, the increased grip and strength you get with the Raptor titanium peg is second to none.  

The peg bites into your boot making it virtually impossible to slip off of it. Titanium is not only lighter than steel but is also stronger. Over time the areas under stress on a steel peg become weak and are likely to fracture. However, with titanium, it would take a long time and an incredible amount of force to crack a titanium peg.  

I’m not sure if I am supposed to say this but Star Racing Monster Energy Yamaha actually BUY these pegs for their race bikes. That’s right, Eli Tomac, Cooper Webb, Justin Cooper and the other 36 250 riders they have all use Raptor titanium footpegs.  

Another plus is that the RME013 model doesn’t have the middle section you see on most pegs. This stops mud from getting jammed in there. Raptor also offers a variety of different offset pegs which is something we will be playing around with throughout the year.  

5) GYTR Akrapovic Full Exhaust System: 

The final modification that I will be making before I go racing is the addition of a GYTR  Akrapovic. For me, this is the lowest priority of the 5. Riding a YZ450F, I am not looking for more power, and the ability to move the power around with an exhaust system has been bypassed by the tuner apps available these days. 

That being said, it still has its perks. The GYTR Akrapovic (which I’m almost 100% the same as the Akrapovic Evolution system) weighs 0.85 kgs less than the standard system.  Titanium is also a stronger and more durable material, so will be less prone to cracks in weak spots like welded joints. 

This is Yamaha’s recommended after-market pipe of choice, so you know it is going to work well with the engine. Even if it isn’t more hit you are looking for, it is always nice to have your machine running smoother and sounding a little more factory than your buddies.  

Last but not least, and this cannot be understated, just how awesome the system looks. I truly believe there is something in the whole “look good, feel good” saying. I know if I pull up to the track and I have fresh gear and my bikes looking good, I am already in a positive mindset heading to the line. And as we know motocross is just as mental as it is physical.  

These 5 modifications are not gospel. What works for me, may not work for you. But, I have been racing for 22 years and my experience has taught me that these are the 5 things that make the biggest difference to myself. If you have any questions about the  

above products drop me an email at [email protected] and I will assist in any way I can.  

Tested and written by Brad Wheeler


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Fox Racing Announces New Adventure Collection

Everything You Need in Adventure-ready Gear. Nothing You Don’t.



Fox Racing, the global leader in motocross and mountain biking gear and apparel, announced the  expansion into the adventure market with a purpose-built ADV Collection that inspires performance on dirt. The all-new ADV Collection includes three jacket and pant offerings—Recon, Defend, and Ranger—built with a  minimalist chassis, GORE-TEX waterproofing, and CE protection across the board. The collection launches this  Spring on, and at participating Fox Racing dealers and channels globally.  

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: FOX

Expanding the brand’s commitment to Equip and Inspire riders, the ADV Collection draws from Fox Racing’s deep  racing heritage and appetite for performance innovation. “We recognize that off-road riding is no longer contained  to tracks and the trailheads of mountains and deserts. It can now be an extension to a rider’s commute or  countryside tour where every technical feature matters to maximize the experience on the bike. The ADV Collection was built with this in mind—connecting riders to dirt with highly versatile gear that has everything you  need and nothing you don’t. It’s a differentiated point of view in an evolving category that’s authentic and credible  to our brand,” said Michael Crocco, Sr. Global Marketing Manager at Fox Racing.  

Developed and tested over the course of three years, the all-new ADV Collection blends the brand’s expertise in  performance racewear with the utility adventure riders demand. Performance starts with the minimalist chassis  design approach and a closer-to-body fit to inspire movement in variable terrain. The main body is GUARANTEED  

TO KEEP YOU DRY with fully seam-sealed GORE-TEX materials, the gold standard in waterproof-breathable  technology. CE protection comes in the form of removable D30® back, shoulder, elbow, and knee protectors, and  reinforced fabrics to increase abrasion resistance and durability. Other features such as stretch fabrics, ventilation, and storage vary across the three product tiers to meet the demands of a multi-day or an out-and-back ride.  

The Recon GORE-TEX ADV Jacket and Pant are 949.95€ and 899.95€, respectively, and deliver maximum mobility and breathability with a minimalist fit for peak performance on dirt. The Defend GORE-TEX ADV Jacket and Pant  are 699.95€ and 649.95€, respectively, and offer maximum storage and ventilation for adaptability on the move. 

The Ranger GORE-TEX ADV Jacket and Pant are 549.95€ and 499.95€, respectively, and are the most accessible offering for essential performance on the bike. 


Recon jacket 949,99£ / 949,95$
Recon pant 899,99£ / 899,95$
Defend jacket 699,99£ / 699,95$
Defend pant 649,99£ / 649,95$
Ranger jacket 549,99£ / 549,95$
Ranger pant 499,99£ / 499,95€

Follow @foxracing on Instagram for the official release date of the ADV Collection plus exclusive information  celebrating the brand’s 50th anniversary for 2024.  

About Fox Racing 

For over five decades, Fox Racing has been the global leader in motocross and mountain bike gear and apparel.  Fox outfits the world’s best competitive action sport athletes and enthusiasts with products that combine  innovation and style, rooted in the brand’s original competitive motocross spirit. The company is based in Irvine,  California, with offices, retail stores, and an international roster of sponsored athletes, located around the world.


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