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Underdog Racing – Race Report

This weekend was round 4 of the Maxxis at Milton Northampton in the MX2 Pro class Adam Darbyshire took the well prepared track 1st for Qualy and on lap three of this tight twisting circuit qualified in 28t with just 1 second covering 4 riders.

Next out on track for Qualy wear MXY2 riders Sam Braithwaite who qualified in 23rd and Aidan Wigger IN 30th
Race one in pro class Adam Darbyshire had a bad start and was 32nd 0n lap one he worked his way through the field to finish 27th Moto 2 was not good for Adam who slipped off in lap 2 and had trouble getting restarted again working his way through the field for 26th.
Moto three was to see the rain come down and make for a slick track Adam was 28th on lap one then moved through the field up to 24th two laps later he had gained two more places into 22nd but a slip cost him two places and he finish 24th.

With MXY2 having just the two races is was important in this penaultamet round to score points in Moto one both riders gated well with Sam having a off half way through the race dropping him to 25th a consistent ride by Aidan they still looking for his first points came home in 22nd just outside his first points .

Moto 2 on the slipper track was to be a nightmare for Aidan with a good gate and pushing hard a tumble was to see him re-join with bent bars but he pushed to finish 26th Sam however was relishing the wet conditions and rode well to add to come home in the points with a 19th.

Else wear young Underdog rider Travis Field rode at Chatteris Trav came out gate in Moto 1 in 3rd place was to stay there for a while small mistake dropped him to 9
Second Moto got boxed in at start worked hard up to 7 then slight mistake in turn one was to sees him loose a place and cross line in 8th.

Moto 3 raining heavily worked his way up to 4th some real good throttle control which was much needed on an ice rink crossed the line 4 to give him 6 overall for the day well happy.
Next Meeting for the team is in two weeks’ time at the British Masters.

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