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Under the Radar: Jeremy Seewer

Whilst browsing through the results from the GP of Trentino (Italy) this past weekend, I was surprised to see Jeremy Seewer in ninth in the overall classification from the MX2 class. The Swiss rider applies his hand to the smaller EMX2 division usually. But, despite the trophies that he has garnered in that class his wildcard appearance in MX2 was not well publicised.

The Jeremy Seewer story is quite unique; it certainly differs to that of his peers in the EMX2 class. If you glance at his program, you will see that Seewer rides out of the Rockstar Suzuki Europe team awning, just like he did last year. Evidently, there are some prestigious people that believe that he does have some potential that is waiting to be uncovered. Most people would presume that Jeremy is currently focusing all of his efforts on making a career out of racing motocross. However, you would be mistaken; this is where his program differs.

Whereas the top riders in the EMX2 class focus all of their attention on their program during the week, Jeremy Seewer has elected to take part in some form of education. So if his dream of becoming a professional rider does not work out, he will have something to fall back on in later life. Currently, Seewer is completing engineering school; however he is given quite a bit of time off so that he can prepare himself for events such as the GP of Trentino. He hopes to have a solid qualification behind him before he begins to chase after his dream.

Perhaps this is why there was not too much interest in his jump up to the MX2 class this past weekend? Or maybe it was because he did not have too much of an impact on the series last year when he made a wildcard appearance? You see, this was not his first appearance in this MX2 class; Seewer contested the GP of Belgium last year. So, the Rockstar Suzuki Europe rider did have an idea of what to expect from the more experienced MX2 class.

At the Arco di Trento circuit, Jeremy Seewer hovered around the top ten in all of the practice sessions and races that were held over the two days. Interestingly, these results were a huge improvement on what he achieved last year. If you glance at the statistics from the first MX2 moto, you will see that Jeremy ended the first lap in twelfth and finished in twelfth. But, you will not have seen that he dropped back to nineteenth on the second lap. Of course, he then had to reclaim all of those positions that he lost following this incident. I am certain that the Swiss rider would have been able to obtain a top-ten position had he not run into problems early on.

In the second moto Seewer did just that as he obtained tenth position after battling with the likes of Maxime Desprey and Max Anstie. Jeremy had to work through the pack again in this moto as he started down in fourteenth. All in all it was an impressive ride for him; he caught my eye at least. However, we probably will not see him again until the EMX2 series starts at Agueda on the fifth of May. Undoubtedly, he will be contending for victories when that title fight starts up; so remember the name Jeremy Seewer, we will probably see a lot of him in the future.

Words by Lewis Phillips

MX Vice Editor || 25

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