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Under the Radar: Dylan Ferrandis

Dylan Ferrandis is a name that is well known in the MXGP series, as his flamboyant style is an attraction for most. Strangely, the likeable Frenchman does not get too much press – despite achieving some credible results this year. If you are going off of the results that are on paper, it seems like the British GP was a lacklustre one for Dylan. However it could have quite easily been the highlight of his career.

I have always been a fan of Dylan Ferrandis, to be honest, as his style is mesmerizing; I could watch the Frenchman ride for hours. In my opinion, he has brought the American style over, as his whips and scrubs are unrivalled – something that is not usually associated with a rider from Europe. I believed that Matterley Basin was going to be a great circuit for Dylan, as the track promotes this type of riding with the many jumps, I believe. At the British GP last year, Ferrandis posted some strong finishes (two sevenths), as well, which made me think that he would be in contention for the win there this year – he has proven that he has the speed.

It turns out that Dylan Ferrandis was in contention at the British GP this past weekend, as he came extremely close to winning the first GP of his career. Unfortunately, a minor fall ended his hopes of glory, as he struggled to fire up his Kawasaki. Eventually, he did get going again, but the damage was already done, as he could only salvage a fourteenth in the moto. I am certain that he would have won the GP had he stayed in that position. When he crashed, he was in third, which when coupled with his fourth from the second race would have given him the overall. Ferrandis was left in seventh overall, instead, a mediocre result on paper.

Dylan Ferrandis’ ride in the first moto was not as spectacular, however it was a solid showing nonetheless. Apart from his ride at Ernée (where he finished with a pair of seconds), a fourth in moto one at Matterley Basin was his best result of the year, astonishingly – he has been in the top five just one other time. In the first moto, he started seventh before working his way up to fourth, which is where he stayed for the remainder of the moto. Admittedly, it was not a ride that set the world alight, but it was a solid finish in comparison to his previous results.

It has been overlooked, but Dylan Ferrandis really did not have much time to prepare for the series this year, as he spent his winter recovering from a broken femur, which he injured last year, at the penultimate round. This would have really wrecked his pre-season preparations, as he would have come into the year behind his rivals in regard to fitness and testing. So the Frenchman has had to build himself up whilst racing this year, which is not an easy task.

I think that with a full off-season under his belt, Dylan Ferrandis will be a consistent threat at the front of the field next year. Of course, the Frenchman will be switching teams, which will take some adjustment – he has to get accustomed to the surroundings over at his new team, CLS Kawasaki. I believe that the move will benefit him as a rider, as the CLS team will be able to provide him with the tools required to compete at the head of the field. Ferrandis has had a handful of mechanical issues this year – these should not be as frequent at his new team.

Now, with one round remaining, Dylan Ferrandis has moved into tenth in the standings. I do think that this is the highest finish he can acquire, as he is thirty-two points behind ninth at the moment. The Frenchman is just nine points ahead of eleventh, Petar Petrov, so he needs a solid showing in the sands of Lierop to secure a position in the top ten.

Words by Lewis Phillips

MX Vice Editor || 25

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