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Under the Radar: Adam Sterry

Intriguingly, there were a couple of interesting storylines that emerged from Hawkstone Park on Sunday, as the track played host to some great action. Obviously, one of the more popular talking points was the victory that Nathan Watson captured. But whilst watching trackside, it was quite clear that some other guys were also having great days, like Adam Sterry, for example.

Adam Sterry (STR KTM) has been very impressive this year, as he has certainly progressed as a rider, which has been evident in his results. In my opinion it certainly isn’t surprising to see him fighting inside of the top five quite comfortably; he proved that he was capable of doing so at the final round of the Maxxis British Championship last year. At Little Silver last year he finished fourth in the second moto, which opened the eyes of most, as Adam proved that he has the speed required to race up front at the highest level.

I believe that the support received from the STR (Steve Turner Racing) KTM team has played a big role in the success achieved by Adam Sterry. In my opinion, the structure that the team has in place will have allowed him to focus solely on his riding – it has provided him with the resources needed to battle inside of the top five, as well. Evidently the STR KTM 250 is more than good enough, which is clear from the good starts that Sterry seems to pull frequently.

Anyway, shall we move onto his performance at Hawkstone Park, which prompted me to put the spotlight on Adam Sterry here? Adam finished in fifth overall in the MX2 class, which was a career-best result for him in the Maxxis British Championship. It was well earned too, as he proved to be just as fast as some of the established stars. It [his result] could have been even better, as a stall in moto one hindered him in the overall classification. Sterry stalled his bike in the first race whilst sat in seventh behind Steven Clarke. Eventually Adam finished tenth in the opening MX2 encounter. But if he had finished sixth (an achievable goal) in moto one, he could have ended up fourth overall!

Adam Sterry grabbed the holeshot to start the second MX2 race, which obviously put him in the best position to succeed. Although the intensity of the top three proved to be too much, the STR KTM pilot sat comfortable in fourth for a couple of laps before [Steven] Clarke broke through. Clarke never got too far away though – although Sterry finished behind him in fifth, he was less than a second down on him at the finish.

It was his ride in the third moto that really caught my eye. Although Adam Sterry finished up in fifth again, the way that he achieved the finish was more impressive. Adam started in sixth and moved up to fifth when Bryan Mackenzie suffered a mechanical failure. However, once he was in the spot he started to close on the reigning champ, Elliott Banks Browne. I am sure that not many people expected it, but he seemed to be much faster. Although he did not get around Elliott, it was certainly an eye-opener; it was a performance that surely left Adam full of confidence. Sterry garnered the best overall finish of his career as well, as a result. In 2012 he finished in the top five in just one race. So, the fact that he has already done it a couple of times this year proves just how much he has improved in the last twelve months.

Although the 2013 Maxxis British Championship will go on another hiatus now, Adam Sterry has the final two rounds of the EMX2 series to focus on, as he currently sits fortieth in the standings. Admittedly, that series has not gone as well for him, as he has scored points just once. However a lot of that has been down to bad luck, it has been very clear that he has the speed to put his STR KTM in the top twenty on a consistent basis.

Words by Lewis Phillips

Image courtesy of Elliot Spencer 

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