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TwoNineTwo Honda – Matterley Race Report

James Dodd and the TwoNineTwo Honda Motocross Team headed off to Matterley Basin near Winchester last week to compete in the Amateur Class at the British round of the Motocross World Championships, and it was to turn out to be a highly successful event.
In the qualifying session James quickly got to grips with the formidable Grand Prix circuit and posted a fast lap early on, which put him in 1st, and he stayed there right up until the last two minutes of the session, when he was just pipped into second by Josh Waterman.
Waterman was to be James’ nemesis all weekend as the two of them were closely matched throughout, a point proven by the Qualification race where James got a poor start and was forced to come through the pack, after a few laps he was up into 2nd and chasing Waterman, who had led from the off. James managed to reduce the lead to just 2 seconds but time had ran out leaving James in 2nd place a long way ahead of 3rd, with the Super-final to be held the next day.
The next day started with a practice session ahead of the race later in the day and in this session James finally managed to get the better of Waterman by posting a slightly faster lap time, leaving James full of confidence for the race ahead.
As the Super-final start, Waterman got the better of James and led into the first corner but James was all over the back of him and looking to pass, unable to make the move in the opening 3 laps James was then gifted the lead after a mechanical failure of Waterman’s bike caused him to have a massive crash. The crash was so bad that organizers were forced to bring the red flags out and end the race early, this meant that the race result would be taken from the last completed lap, leaving James in 2nd place, although rules state that the rider which cause’s a red flag should be disqualified, all concerned including James and the TwoNineTwo Honda team agreed that Waterman should be allowed the win.
It was a great event for all involved in the TwoNineTwo Team, and for James to stand on a Grand Prix podium is the stuff dreams are made of, thanks to all of the Team’s sponsors for their continued support and for helping to make this happen, and we would like to wish our good friend and rival Josh a full and speedy recovery from his injuries.
Racing photos courtesy of Ade Threasher

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