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Track Map: San Diego

The baseball field of Petco Park in San Diego is set to host the third round of 2022 Monster Energy Supercross on Saturday night. With the race just one day away, an animated track map has been released to offer a preview of what the battlefield will have to offer. The track is not the largest on the schedule, unsurprisingly, and it is hard to envision any of the rhythm sections offering multiple options for the riders. The long set of whoops is going to be the difference maker and where elite talent can make a difference.

Most interesting is the fact that the whoops are going to lead into a flat turn. Sticking to the inside is going to be the popular choice, but then drifting wide may be unavoidable depending on how much speed is carried through the section. Expect the track to get quite hard and slick, like a stereotypical west coast race, as temperatures are  going to soar above twenty degrees. Exciting times after a lot of rain in Southern California on both Monday and Tuesday – a lot of guys struggled to ride at the beginning of the week.


MX Vice Editor || 25