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Track Map: Anaheim 1

2022 Monster Energy Supercross begins on Saturday, January 06, inside of Angel Stadium in Southern California. Ahead of the season opener, Feld Motorsports released an animated map of what the riders can expect this weekend. Anaheim 1 typically features one of the easiest layouts on the seventeen-round schedule and this year is no different – there are intriguing elements though.

Video: Monster Energy Supercross | Lead Image: Simon Cudby

Such a high-speed first turn could lead to chaos, as the riders fly into the over-under bridge at speed. There are two whoop sections, although those are fairly small, and two rhythm sections as well. There are a lot of elements that should lead to great racing, with opportunities for block passes and riders to make a difference. The start is going to be crucial on Saturday, but that is not exactly any different to the norm.


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