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Tough Red Bull Weekend At The Beach For JAR Honda By IFS

When one thinks Weston-super-Mare in summer, one thinks Tropicana, Grand Pier, seaside, buckets and spades. For motocross riders though, it’s meant the second round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals over the past weekend.

With the new format for 2013, the team’s riders, Wayne Garrett and Lewis Tombs, had to fight a stiff wind and a very unusual track surface during qualifying in which Tombs qualified in tenth and Garrett in twenty-fourth respectively.

The first race of the weekend on Saturday afternoon proved to be tough already, setting the tone for the weekend. For Tombs, a crash whilst in tenth dropped him back several spots, from which it was hard to recover in the almost endless sand. Continuing his push forward, he finally found himself in ninth, but resolve flagged with but a few laps to go, resulting in an eleventh place.

Sunday morning dawned with beautiful sunshine, but it was anything but sunshine and roses for Tombs. After getting off to good start in tenth, the lack of rhythm soon meant several positions lost in the crucial first few laps. After settling in, Tombs went to work and recovered most of the positions he’d lost, ending the race just one position down in eleventh. The final race was the most consistent; after a start in seventh, an early hiccup put Tombs back several places which were soon recovered. With the nature of the mixed-class format, Tombs went across the finish line in ninth for a ninth overall on the weekend.

On Saturday, Garrett suffered a similar fate to Tombs. Although he started off the race in sixteenth, an early crash put him nearly last and it took him all race to return to the same position whilst suffering from arm pump. Sunday was not much easier either. Starting in ninth after a cracker of a second race start, his hard work was undone by arm pump yet again, causing him to drop back through the pack in the first half of the race. After settling down, he was consistent until a few laps from the end, ending the race sixteenth.

In the final race, Garrett made solid progress throughout after going down in the first lap. Twentieth off the start, he fought his way forward slowly, ending the race in fifteenth for a sixteenth overall on the weekend.

Wayne Garrett – MX1:

“It’s been a tough weekend! The track got really rough, something completely different and unreal. I started off a bit uncomfortable but as Saturday went on, I started to feel better. In the first race I was not riding too bad but then I got bad arm pump, I was well back and my arms just killed me. I was expecting better in the second race, where I got off to a good start and was running in the top five for the first lap or two and was riding more like what I’m capable of doing. As the race wore on, I struggled with arm pump again, and I don’t know why I’m struggling with that lately. In the third race another rider put me down, I was dead last and struggled to find a bit of a groove. So I tried to bring it home in one piece, and I’ll look for a bit of good momentum to move forward after this. I’m not going to let it beat me.”

Lewis Tombs – MX2:

“Overall, this was not such a great day, same for Saturday. I just struggled in the sand really. I couldn’t string one good race together, I was consistently rubbish, so I’ll just move on from this race and get back on the hard pack and do better.”

Richard Rea – Team coordinator:

“This weekend has been very frustrating for the whole team. Both guys have suffered from crashes this weekend and the results have been very below par. I think next time we’re heading for the deep sand I will be sending the guys with a bucket and spade! It’s weekends like this where we have to say a big thank you to our sponsors for their loyal support and we can only look forward to better times ahead.”

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