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Top Five Moments Of The British GP

It’s hard to believe a week has already passed since the British GP but fortunately the memories of a superb weekend are still imprinted on all of our minds.

There are some moments from events like these that will remain with us forever and here at MX Vice we take a look our top five moments of the action packed weekend.

Of course you may have your own personal memories moments but have a look and see if these bring back any memories…

  1. 1.       Jake Nicholls and MX2

Jake Nicholls rode his heart out.  After an up and down season Jake pulled it out of the bag for his home GP.  Nicholls took on the mantle left by Tommy Searle last season and came within a couple of laps of winning the GP. But what a second moto that was! No one, even the riders knew what was going on and we all had to wait until the chequered flag to see who would take the top step! It was superb action in a class that thrived on the absence of the dominant Jeffrey Herlings.

  1. 2.       Conrad Mewse and THAT pass

It was the pass of the weekend. Mewse entered Everts’ corner in third, went round the outside and came out in first cutting Jorge Prado off into the left hander. It was a brilliant pass and epitomised the brilliance of Mewse all weekend.  The Somerset lad showed a little bit of everything that weekend. He came back from a big, painful crash in timed qualifying to win every race he contested despite not feeling the best. He started outside the top five to win and he also won going away in the mud.  He had no weakness and for British fans this kid is the most exciting rider to come from these shores in years.

  1. 3.       Cairoli and his seventh title

Cairoli didn’t win the GP but part of the reason for that was because he damaged his bike by keeping it on the limiter while celebrating his first title clinching moto win!  Cairoli was simply awesome in moto one. He stalked Desalle then made his move and cleared off. It was a brilliant win by an amazing rider. Cairoli seems to ride at 85% when everyone is riding a 95-100%.  He is so calm, so in control and so forward thinking that it will take something special for even Desalle to beat him over a championship next season. The best has just got better.

  1. 4.       The Fans

There is nothing better than seeing the home fans get behind their local riders. Whether Jake Nicholls was in second or tenth the crowd gave everything in their support. Hanging over the fences and blasting air horns every single time Nicholls went through was fantastic to witness. But it wasn’t just with Jake and it wasn’t limited to the Brits either. Antonio Cairoli showed his Valentino Rossi like popularity after being frantically cheered on by the fans as he searched for a way past Desalle. Cairoli has a big fan base in the UK!

  1. 5.       Raivo Dankers

This kid blew everyone away. The young Dutch rider is simply a sensational talent. And he even managed to do 80% of the jumps, including the double before Everts’ corner, on his 65! Dankers has all the style and all the technique to become a motocross superstar. It was a privilege to see such a talent in action at such a young age and he also speaks perfect English!

Article by Jonathan McCready

Picture by Elliot Spencer(mxvice)

MX Vice Editor || 25

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