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Tonus – Irwin crash pics caught by Ade Threasher

There were a couple of accidents on Sunday at Canada Heights, some worse than others. One which I witnessed was Tonus and Irwins crash which happened in the same place as Seb Pourcel last year. Because the jump was blind, the leading pack managed somehow to miss Tonus and Irwin, who was out cold after hitting Tonus’s bike on his landing leaving him knowhere to go. Unfortunately this crash left Arnaud Tonus with a Dislocated Shoulder and a fractured scaphoid. Graeme Irwin was concussed. Although both riders were injured they both had very lucky escapes as it could have been a lot, lot worse.

Its a reminder to all of us about how dangerous the sport is we love… But it still baffles me that Motocross being one of the most exciting sports in the world is still overlooked to bowls and bloody snooker!!!!

Everyone at MX Vice and the Motocross community wish Arnaud a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see him back on the bike.

Images caught by: Ade Threasher

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