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The Time Sheets: Anaheim 3

The 2014 Monster Energy Supercross series has been great thus far; no one can dispute that. Anaheim 3 was exhilarating, once again, as the race for the win was gripping for the duration of both main events. It is those two battles that we are going to look at here. Join us, as we break down the times from round five!

Chad Reed vs. Ken Roczen (450SX Main Event):


Chad Reed (1st)

Ken Roczen (2nd)

Lap 14



Lap 15



Lap 16



Lap 17



Lap 18



Lap 19



Lap 20



Although Ken Roczen stalked Chad Reed for the duration of the twenty-lap main event at Anaheim 3, it is quite clear that Chad was actually the fastest rider. Honestly, when putting these statistics together, I expected to see that Roczen was faster more often than not. But, that was not the case, evidently, as he was slightly slower more often than not. In reality, he was not slower at all really; there was no visible difference between them on-track, as they were mirroring each other around the track. Speaking of the track, it was a little longer this time around, which was good to see!

Obviously, it was evident that Chad Reed and Ken Roczen were the only riders willing to run this pace for the full twenty laps. Although Ryan Villopoto was capable of matching the top two, he appeared to settle for a safe third, rather than running the risk of losing the series lead. Anyway, I digress. Intriguingly, both Reed and Roczen were the only the two riders that had an average lap time in the one-minute three-second range after completing all twenty laps. Although Ryan Dungey had an average time of 1:03.821, he only completed twelve laps. So, it would not be fair to compare him to the top two riders.

It is even more interesting that the average lap-times set by the top two were almost identical, as Chad Reed had an average time of 1:03.623, and Ken Roczen had an average time of 1:03.633. Of course, this confirms what we already knew; both Reed and Roczen were faultless throughout the night.

Dean Wilson vs. Cole Seely (250SX Main Event):


Dean Wilson (1st)

Cole Seely (2nd)

Lap 7



Lap 8



Lap 9



Lap 10



Lap 11



Lap 12



Lap 13



Fortunately, we were treated to a close battle in the 250SX main event, also, as both Dean Wilson and Cole Seely were quite close in speed, evidently. It seemed a foregone conclusion that Dean was going to win the main event, as he was spectacular throughout the day, it has to be said. However, he did not win the main in the way that you might think. In fact, some might say the win was gifted to him, as he only made the pass when Cole Seely tucked the front end whilst heading into a corner.

However, Wilson did make up a notable amount of time in the three laps prior to Cole’s mistake. In fact, I believe that pressure may have got to Seely a little bit, as he started to look behind from lap eleven onwards. So, he must have known that Dean was coming up on him. I find it quite interesting that they were both running very similar times to the 450f leaders (highlighted in the previous table); this again shows that the difference between the two bikes is not as large as some may think.

Of course, the thirteenth lap was poor for both riders, as that was the lap that Cole washed the front end, and bit the dirt. But, why did Wilson’s time suffer? He actually couldn’t get around Cole immediately; he had to roll backwards in order to pull himself free from the Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda.

Words: Lewis Phillips

Image: James Lissimore

MX Vice Editor || 25

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