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Thornhill takes a maximum at Fatcats – CJMX

CJMX kicked off their first meeting of 2013 at Fatcat Moto Parc on 13th January with over 130 making the trip on a well prepared track. A great chance for British Championship riders Josh Waterman and Revo Talon Kawasaki’s latest signing Dan Thornhill to get some practice in before the opening round.

There was some good racing from all groups, actually making it hard for lap-scoring with a mixture of the cold weather and the lead kept changing. it was decided that it would be an idea to get the autos on the track before it got to cut up.

In the first auto race Kiean Boughen battled his way to front ahead of Joe Ross and Riley Harrison.  In the second race Luke Batty had a good start and got himself into first place in front of Joe and Riley. I the third and final race for the autos Riley managed to get out the gate battling his way through to top spot with Kiean in second and Luke in third.

Next out was the juniors with Lewis Hall dominating all three races, Louis Wood in second and Kieron Thomas in third spot on the podium. Jake Clarke put in some great rides to get a fourth overall on the day.

Small Wheels headed out for their first race,  Jorden Hearn took the first race victory with Declan Hunter in second. Nathan Gaughen grabbed himself the last two race wins finishing the day with the overall, ahead of Jorden and Declan.

Brett Pocock dominated in the big wheels James McFadden was trying hard to catch Brett, but couldn’t match his pace. Joele Hart finished the day with third overall.

Next on the line was the AMX group and 2012 MXY2 Champion Dan Thornhill was on a mission to win. Dan rode 3 impressive races and took 3 wins, his winter training seems to be dividends.  Fine performances by Macauley Madden in second and Liam Knight in third rounded off the podium positions in the AMX.

Rob Yates won the first and third races in the Seniors ahead of Josh Bentley in 2nd and Oli Benton who rode superb throughout the day in third.

Last out on the day was the Open class, with another British Championship rider Josh Waterman dominating the open group. A full maximum ahead of Dan Brough who got two 2nd positions but a race two didn’t go to lan for dan leaving him mid-pack. Chris Povey was riding smooth and consistent in all three races and grabbed himself three thirds and with Dan’s second race mid pack position it was enough to give Chris 2nd overall on the day.

Next meeting is at Weedon on the 27th January 2013.

Autos: 1 Riley Harrison, 2 Luke Batty, 3 Kayde Rayns, 4 Joe Ross, 5 Jude Turton.

Juniors: 1 Lewis Hall, 2 Louis Wood, 3 Kieran Thomas, 4 Jake Clarke, 5 Jack Grayshon.

Small Wheels: 1 Nathan Gaughen, 2 Jorden Hearn, 3 Declan Hunter, 4 Connor Fist, 5 Ben Murray.

Big Wheels: 1 Brett Pocock, 2 James Mcfadden, 3 Joele Hart, 4 Matt Brame, 5 James Cobby.

Seniors: 1 Rob Yates, 2 Joshua Bentley, 3 Oli Benton, 4 James Henderson, 5 Gareth Artus.

AMX: 1 Dan Thornhill, 2 Macauley Madden, 3 Liam Knight, 4 Joseph Delbusso, 5 Dean Hakes.

Open: 1 Josh Waterman, 2 Chris Povey, 3 Ash Cotterall, 4 Dan Brough, 5 Greg Fisher.

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