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We were chatting via email to Roy Barton – the MCF General manager – this morning and casually asked him what he’d been up to this weekend. He came back with this, a little insight to the work that goes into building a new off road organisation which we though deserves a mention. Remember our sport is still niche and this kind of weekend work goes unrecognised by some people. Every club and organisation have people who work their socks off trying to make British MX a better place and to them, we at MX Vice applaud you. Here’s Roy’s little blog on such a weekend….

So what did I get up to at the weekend I hear you ask? Well actually I didn’t hear you ask, but I’m gonna tell you anyway!

Got up at the crack of dawn, 5:30, Sunday morning to head on down to Foxholes to give some MCF support to the Ringwood MX Club.

Had to pay a visit to the office at Didcot first to pick up my boots and flags just in case I needed them and then a quick stop at Maccy D’s for breakfast before hitting the A34.

Quick stop in Salisbury for fuel and another cup of Coffee to wake me up before arriving at the track at about 8, at the same time as it happens as Darren Bachelor from MX24, who had also driven down from Didcot to help out with some Clerking duties.

Riders were rolling in to the paddock and the Ringwood team were in the midst of signing the riders on, sorting out Marshals, checking the bikes at Technical Control and all of the myriad other tasks that need to be sorted out on race day.

Helped out with the Marshals brief with the clubs new chief marshal, just to give them a clue as to what they need to do next time out, I am sure that they didn’t need me to tell them the score but always happy to help as they say.

Wayne and Shaun from the club were Clerking along with Darren and  Myself who were also covering Marshal points, that’s the trouble with a track like Foxholes, you need more Marshals than normal. Got to say, though, the landowner had done a great job of prepping and watering the track. Glad to say I only had to use my yellow flag 4 times all day!

I picked a good spot for marshalling as it happened, great view down the valley of the whole track and I got a rest while the autos were using the track cut off. Listened in on the club radios and have to say what a good job they did and well done to Si down at the gate for getting the race off some promptly.

Did a bit of rider assessment and got another youngster on to the track in the lunchtime. Its good to see how hard the club are working on their Auto class, bringing a lot of new blood in to the sport and well done to all of the new auto riders, coping well with a circuit with some fearsome drop offs, must have looked like riding off the side of a cliff to a 6 year old.

I am sure that the club has got a good future in front of it, especially with the friendly, family atmosphere that they create, not just a little bit responsible for this is the effort put in by Sally and her family.

Another good day that I am sure will help towards the clubs League campaign culminating at the MCF Grand slam event at the end of September.

Thanks to everybody at the club for making me so welcome, thanks to the burger man for my lunch and to Darren of MX24 for pitching in.

Was even home before 6pm Sunday night, until I had to go pick my son Keith up from Oxford after he’d been timekeeping at a quad event in Wales that is!

Cheers, Roy.

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