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The Time Sheets: Washougal

Washougal hosted the eighth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series this past weekend in the scenic wooded environment in the depths of Washington. Whilst one title fight seems to be heating up the other appears to be becoming clearer, as there is a differing situation in each class. Whilst the results tell you part of the story from Washougal, the lap times will tell the full story, which is exactly what we intend on providing you in this week’s edition of ‘The Time Sheets.’

Ryan Dungey vs. Ryan Villopoto vs. James Stewart – 450MX Moto One

Ryan Dungey (1st)

Ryan Villopoto (2nd)

James Stewart (3rd)

Lap 5




Lap 6




Lap 7




Lap 8




Lap 9




Lap 10




Lap 11




Lap 12




In the first 450MX encounter at Washougal, there was an intriguing dynamic; James Stewart, Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto all proved to be just as fast as one another early on, as they batted it out to establish their on-track position. When analysing these lap times, we have to consider the fact that Dungey had a clear track in front of him, whilst the other two were left to battle it out amongst themselves. Intriguingly, all three of these riders posted their fastest lap of the race in the eight-lap span highlighted in the chart. Ryan Dungey’s fastest lap came on lap seven (2:09.259), RV’s was posted on lap five (2:08.940) and James’ fastest (2:09.458) came on lap six.

It was at this time that Ryan Villopoto started to drop the hammer, and attempt to close the gap on Ryan Dungey. Interestingly the fastest lap time that RV posted was the only time that a rider dropped down into the two-minute eight-second range; this proves just how much he was pushing in an attempt to take the lead from his rival. It is also interesting that not one of the riders listed above was consistent with their times, as they all vary quite a lot from lap to lap. Maybe this had something to do with the slick nature of the Washougal track – as well as the shadows. These factors made it difficult for a guy to hit their marks consistently, lap after lap.

I feel as though everyone has been waiting for James Stewart to breakout, thus far this year. However, the rider once dubbed “the fastest man on the planet” does not seem to have the raw speed right now – the above chart supports this feeling. Although James’ lap times were competitive early on (this was evident from watching the broadcast, as he battled with RV) he had radically dropped off by lap ten. Basically, those two consecutive two-minute-twelve lap times that he posted cost him the moto, as Stewart had lost so much time by that point that it would have been very difficult for him to catch back – especially when he does not have an edge over those guys.

Eli Tomac vs. Ken Roczen – 250MX Moto Two


Eli Tomac (1st)

Ken Roczen (2nd)

Lap 2



Lap 3



Lap 4



Lap 5



Lap 6



Lap 7



Lap 8



In the second 250MX moto at Washougal, the stage was set for a titanic battle between title rivals Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen, which is something that we have been deprived of so far. It didn’t quite pan out as we expected it too though, as Eli gradually stretched out his lead to a point where he was out of sight. Although it took Ken a lap to get into second behind Tomac  – his lap times were not really competitive. In fact, in the chart above Roczen failed to better any of the lap times that Eli posted, hence why the Geico Honda pilot gradually slipped from the German’s grasp.

It does seem as though as the laps wore on, Ken Roczen drifted further and further from the pace that Eli Tomac was setting. On the seventh lap, Ken was already a second a half slower; he was then almost three full seconds slower than Tomac on lap eight! You have to presume that the race was lost at the point, which resulted in a huge mental victory for Eli, as he beat his rival straight up. The 2:10.337 lap time that Tomac set in this moto was his fastest, whilst the best time that Roczen could muster up was a 2:10.718. So, Roczen clearly had the speed, he just couldn’t sustain the pace.

Words by Lewis Phillips

MX Vice Editor || 25

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