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The Time Sheets: Hyvinkää

Hyvinkää hosted the first Finnish GP in more than twenty years this past weekend; the event represented round twelve of the 2013 FIM Motocross World Championship. Now, the circuit did come under some criticism from those inside the industry, but that does not mean that it failed to provide us with some intriguing storylines! So, with the Finnish GP in the past – let’s jump into the lap times!

Jeffrey Herlings vs. Glenn Coldenhoff – MX2 Qualifying Race

Glenn Coldenhoff (1st)

Jeffrey Herlings (9th)

Lap 8



Lap 9



Lap 10



Lap 11



Lap 12



Lap 13



When Jeffrey Herlings fell in the first corner in the qualifying heat on Saturday, I thought that he would fly through the pack and come close to winning the race. However he only climbed as high as ninth at the finish, which was especially surprising considering the sandy nature of the track. In order to gain a much greater understanding of why Jeffrey could not to advance any further, I thought that the lap times would answer a handful of questions, including: was Herlings clearly the fastest rider on-track.

Surprisingly, it seems as though he was not. However there are a few things that you have to consider when looking at the above lap times. Jeffrey was winded from his fall, which clearly would have hindered him considerably. Herlings would have had to fight through traffic also, whereas Glenn had a clear track. But nonetheless, it was an impressive ride from Coldenhoff, as he was quietly dominant, whilst on his way to the third pole position that he has garnered this year.

Interestingly Jeffrey Herlings seemingly stepped up his pace in the closing stages of this race, as he rattled off three-successive one-minute forty-one lap times; he was the only guy to get into that range on all three final laps. At first I presumed that his lap times were the result of a last-ditch attempt to make up a few positions – but he didn’t move any further through the field in those last laps. Herlings was clearly attempting to salvage whatever he could though. At the same time, the lap times of Coldenhoff dropped off, as he was in a position where he no longer needed to push, and he could just ride conservatively in order to secure the win.

Antonio Cairoli vs. Clement Desalle – MX1 Moto One


Antonio Cairoli (1st)

Clement Desalle (2nd)

Lap 13



Lap 14



Lap 15



Lap 16



Lap 17



Lap 18



Clement Desalle actually had quite a good showing in the opening moto at Hyvinkää – he led the moto for fifteen of twenty-two laps. However, Toni Cairoli eventually ran him down, and made the pass on lap sixteen. Interestingly, the pass was quite aggressive, as Antonio halted the forward momentum that the Belgian had. In my opinion this seemed to shake Desalle up a bit, as his lap times immediately dropped, which is evident in the chart above.

In the two laps prior to the pass, Clement Desalle was faster than Antonio Cairoli, which was a result of the Italian trying some new lines to figure out where it was best to strike, I think. I (and many others) was waiting for a reaction from Clement as soon as Cairoli made the pass, but instead his lap times really suffered in the following two laps. Antonio made the pass on lap sixteen, and when he did Desalle cased the next double; so, this was probably the reason for his 1:44.785 lap time. But I really cannot see an explanation for his next 1:45.097 lap time.

Evidently, Clement Desalle lost the race on lap seventeen. On that lap alone he lost just over three seconds to Antonio Cairoli and no one can make that sort of time up on the champion. It is a shame, as Desalle’s speed was competitive quite clearly; on the next lap, he was faster than Cairoli. However he seemingly couldn’t maintain that pace for the duration of the race, which ultimately cost him.

Words by Lewis Phillips

MX Vice Editor || 25

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