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The season is over for Xavier Boog

[youtube][/youtube]Injured after a crash during the GP of Finland, Xavier Boog is forced to miss the remaining of the GP season. Further exams this week revealed that two ligaments of his right knee are damaged, and Xavier must rest for six weeks.
Xavier had to wait two extra weeks to have more details of the injury, as his right knee was swollen too much after the crash during the qualifying race in Hyvinkää. After visiting the doctor Sonnery Cottet in Lyon this week, Xavier left the clinic Paul Santy with a brace on his knee. He will have to keep the brace for the next six weeks, which means that the friendly Frenchman will not be able to race anymore this season.

“I’m of course very disappointed to miss the rest of the season, and being unable to ride my ICE1 450 KTM anymore. But I was not really surprised by the medical decision, as I knew that something was wrong with my knee – two ligaments have been damaged, one lateral and the anterior crucial. The doctor Sonnery Cottet, who is a famous knee specialist, confirmed that I don’t need any surgery. However, I must keep the brace without moving the knee for six weeks after which I will have to follow a rehabilitation program for another six more weeks. Now my goal is to recover and be fit and ready for 2014″, commented Boog and continued

“The season has been really tough with injuries, first the ankle in Qatar and now the knee. I saw some pictures from my crash from Hyvinkää and I can understand the injury from the images of the bike landing on my knee. It’s a shame, but it also could have been worse if the bike would have landed on my back”, said the likable Frenchman who will now focus on next season.”

Seventh in the MX1 standings the past three years, Xavier plans to visit his colleagues and the ICE1 team during the Belgian GP, as he can’t stand to sit behind his TV during the races.

“When there’s a GP on, I’m not quiet and relax, as I’m frustrated to be at home. And as I saw Gautier (Paulin) crash this weekend on the TV, it was even worse. It is very tough to be patient and wait for the news, when you are injured and not riding the GP’s” Boog ended.

“Naturally this is very unfortunate news and we feel for Xavier. The season with injuries hasn’t been easy on him and yet he was able to come back strong and his results were getting better race by race. The whole team feels what Xavier is feeling and wishes him good recovery”, commented team manager Antti Pyrhönen.

” Of course the situation is very unfortunate for the team as both of our riders are out from Loket. Yet we have to face the facts, after which we analyze the situation how to finnish the season. Nevertheless the focus is clearly in the future now and the positive developments it holds”, summed Pyrhönen.

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