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The MX Vice Show: Pilot

The deal of the day on 24MX.

Here it goes! The pilot episode of The MX Vice Show is live. Why is this a pilot? We wanted to try some different things and formats with this episode, in order to figure out the equipment and what you would like to hear. There are already various improvements that will be made before episode one next week. Episode one will, of course, be an MXGP and MX2 preview. Guests are going to be added along the way and then the show will be live in a couple of weeks. Things are only going to get bigger and better.

Bearing that in mind, tell us your feedback. What needs to change? What annoyed you? Get in contact via social media (motocrossvice on Twitter) or email [email protected].

Hosts: James Burfield and Lewis Phillips


MX Vice Editor || 25