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The Latest: MXGP of NL (Oss)

The 2021 FIM Motocross World Championship got underway in a fairly normal manner, despite the much later start. Events went on in Russia, Great Britain and Italy without much disturbance. The first hurdle has just been dropped in front of the Grand Prix contingent, however, as The Netherlands implemented new restrictions on the evening of July 09 to combat a rise in infections.

There are two new restrictions that have thrown the organisers of the Grand Prix of The Netherlands, held at the circuit of Oss, into frenzy. Those being…

– “Cultural venues may remain open provided all visitors have assigned seats that are placed 1.5 metres apart. This also applies to visitors to events and spectators at professional sports competitions and other sports and youth activities.

– “Events may not last longer than 24 hours.”

MX Vice has learnt that Oss are currently trying to obtain seating, to ensure spectators are allowed to enter the venue and have an assigned seat. The biggest question mark currently is how to get around the 24-hour rule, as EMX action is scheduled to take place on Saturday and then the professional classes will race on Sunday. The event could even be considered a three-day thing by the government, seeing as so much is happening within the venue on a Friday.

Oss did release the following statement, which does not give too much away. One would think that confirmation about the event’s status will be released in the next 24 hours or so, given that so many are just days away from travelling to The Netherlands.

“The press conference of July 9, 2021 raised many questions about events taking place after July 10, 2021. The organisation of MXGP Oss is obviously doing everything possible to ensure that this event continues within the measures in force.

“Various possibilities are being investigated, including the possibility of creating seating along the circuit. Ultimately, we also rely on review and approval of our plans by the authorities and the organisation of the World Cup.

“The organisation of MXGP Oss is understandably overloaded with questions, which unfortunately we cannot answer personally. Calling and emailing will therefore provide no more information than the above message at this time. We hope for your understanding here. When there is more news, we will of course inform you of this.”

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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