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The Latest: Max Anstie

Max Anstie has joined the vlogging community, and provided an in-depth injury update. The Twisted Tea H.E.P Motorsports rider has been cleared to ride and, based on everything in this video, it seems as though Orlando 1 is going to be the race that he will make his 2021 Monster Energy Supercross debut at. Footage of Anstie’s pre-season crash is in here too. It is pretty gnarly!

“Just got back from the doctors… I’m all fine! They did some concussion stuff and checked all my back, and as far as it goes in your back that was the best thing to break. I said, ‘What can I not do?’ He said, ‘It is honestly up to the pain. You just need to start stretching it and getting more mobility going.’ It is the road to Orlando I reckon. I think that the first Orlando is the plan at the moment… That is what they were thinking would be a good one. If everything goes fantastic then I might do the last Indianapolis race, but let’s see how it goes.”


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